December 31st 2021

The Tall People

It would appear that in our past there was a race of tall people who once lived on the surface of the earth. Take a look at the old stone architecture across the world. All of similar design. Why were the doors so high? Why was all the architecture so stunningly beautiful and majestic? Are we to believe that THIS, THIS, and THIS were all built by pre-industrial men using squares, ropes, pulleys, donkeys, and manual labor? The bible describes a mysterious race of people who are large and strong called the Nephilim. Why is it that there is SO MUCH evidence staring us in the face yet we still can't see it?

Elongated Skulls

It would appear that this race had elongated skulls. A larger cranium indicates greater intelligence. Did this race once rule the world and perhaps co-exist with mankind? What happened? Where did they go? I find it interesting that most of the proof of their existence has been destroyed in wars or by deliberate dismantling. Has history been erased? If so, why? What is being hidden from us? Are all the tall people gone or do they still exist somewhere?

Does Antarctica hold the key?

December 30th 2021

Shaping the UFO Narrative

It is far more palatable for the average human in denial to accept a narrative of extraterrestrial life from another planet being similar to us, traveling here in saucer like metal craft, and a) want to take over or b) orchestrate an outright invasion. So governments across the globe are preparing to sell the public just that. World leaders are very good at one thing, projecting their own selfish myopic perspective of reality on to the external world.

It is unconscionable to disclose the REAL presence of anomalous entities that exist in our internal and external reality are beyond the control of government and NO ONE on planet earth knows exactly who, what, or where THEY are. The megalomaniacs who think they control the world will NEVER admit they are NOT in control. They will NEVER concede to not knowing. Their arrested developed personalities are incapable of accepting Truth. I suspect that ancient parasitic entities that infiltrate and hide in human consciousness are the REAL threat to the human.

So...Instead, like insecure children, governments animated by men will conjure a web of lies and overwhelm the populous with false narratives through their privately owned mass media and fabricate a story of UFO's and aliens from afar aka The Official Narrative.

How do you Fake an Alien Invasion?

Perhaps by parachuting dead genetically modified experimental human bodies, dropping them across the landscape and have the media record it all. That should put a big scare in folks.

Maybe, an alien invasion is already underway. If a malevolent race of highly intelligent creatures WERE to take over planet earth, they would be far more sophisticated than we can possibly imagine. Who knows, maybe they would even get us to kill ourselves.

By lethal injection perhaps?

December 30th 2021

New Years Resolution Suggestions

As the New Year approaches here are some suggestions for your new resolution:

Acknowledge the Creator of Existence as the ONLY Authority

December 24th 2021

Christmas Gratitude

Although Yeshua the Nazarene was born on 911 3BC between 6:18pm and 7:39pm, the Sun our star is now in the process of also being born, starting it's ascension north bringing more light to earth in the new year. We can take this time of great celebration to recognize the miracle that is existence. Acknowledge the gift of life and the opportunity to live, love, and breathe the free air. We are eternally grateful for all of these wonders. We live in a magical universe filled with astonishing mystery while being allowed to make mistakes and through grace, learn, grow, develop, and evolve our limited perception of this incredible reality. Our life is an experience, a hero's journey, discovering who are, our unique place in this unfolding universe. Our projection into this infinite filed of energy is a unique footprint we leave, forever changing by co-creating the greater story being told.

This Christmas Eve let us have gratitude for the gift of life and those we deeply love. Remembering we are ALL children of an eternal creator who gave us everything through Love.

Love is the very fabric of our existence
We crave it and need it to breathe
Our hearts look up and reach out for it
It is the essence of our very being
Without it, all else would cease to exist
Traces that float around the universe,
Are the very glue that keep us alive
It is the most powerful singularity of existence
It is also the simplest yet most compellingly elusive entity ever brought to bear
It is so difficult and at the same time so easy to understand
Like the glimpse of a recollection, a memory that was forgotten until now
It may take a lifetime for you to reach out and embrace it
It has always been there waiting
Waiting for you to come back home


Peace on Earth

December 22th 2021

The Last Stand

There are too many people on planet earth still holding on to their humanity for alien parasites that infect and infiltrate human consciousness to take over. These creatures are powerless. Period. Their dependency on technology, vacuous materialism, and deception for the control and dominance of an entire species is extremely fragile and complex. There are too many points of failure. It is not resilient enough to stand up to natural human opposition.

Some History

During the foundation of the Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America, only one third of the people supported revolution. Today, the population of the United States is 333,891,926 million people. If a third is required to fight and win a revolution for Freedom, then that means we would need 111,297,308 million people in the US who love Life, Liberty, and Happiness to bring us out of tyranny and into victory.

Do we Have those Numbers?

It is estimated that about 80 million Americans voted for Trump. It is also known that in any given election, between 35 and 60 percent of eligible voters don't cast a ballot. Approximately 240 million people were eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election and roughly 66% of them submitted ballots, totaling about 158 million, despite COVID. The 2020 election featured the largest increase in voters between two presidential elections on record with 17 million more people voting than in 2016. According to Bloomberg, at least 161 million Americans voted in the 2020 election, the largest number of voters in a U.S. Presidential election in history. The real numbers for the 2020 election are obviously fuzzy due to the greatest election fraud in US and possibly world history. So it is hard to know the facts and establish real metrics. I suspect that key assets in the Military know the exact numbers of 2020. We on the other hand are left only to speculate based on the few facts we DO have.

What Ratio does that put us in for Revolutionary Support for Freedom?

Let's say for arguments sake that 60% voted. There is no doubt that Trump won in a landslide. If there is, THIS should remove all doubt. It is estimated that the real numbers Trump received are in the range of 80 million votes to Biden's 68 million. That would put us at a total of 148 million. If 240 million were eligible, then Trump received 54% of the total vote. That number translated across 240 million people, would be about 130 million people that support Trump, a Sovereign nation, and the Freedom movement he represents. That would be about 38% of the American people. These are rough estimates, but I think it is safe to say that about one third of Americans indeed support the American Revolution 2.0 Fight for Freedom. I know we need more to climb on board the Locomotive for Freedom and Humanity, as you can't definitively win a covert, asymmetrical, 5th generation information war if you don't have the numbers to support victory. Even if it is less than what is necessary, I still think those who hold true to the original intent of the Creator of Existence, Life, and Freedom will forsake their unalienable birthright in exchange for the pernicious promise of feigned safety and security.

It is the old story of humanity always being underestimated. I think this story will once again play out for ALL to bear witness to those who made their Stand and refused to give up their...

Life, Liberty, and Humanity.

December 20th 2021

Turning the Claymore Around: Will Trump Media Acquire CNN?

Trump Media Technology Group has the stated mission:

To counter this dangerous exercise of Big Tech monopoly power, President Donald J. Trump and TMTG are building a media and technology company rooted in social media, digital streaming, and more. TMTG intends to even the playing field by providing people with open media platforms where they can share and create content without fear of reputational ruin.

TMTG has three brands:

and have recently claimed to have raised $1 billion from investors.

Recently, CNN announced it has closed all US offices:

CNN has announced that it is closing all offices in the United States as a result of rising Covid cases in the country, and concerns about the new Omicron variant.


Apparently all due to Omicron of course. It has nothing to do with the network hitting it's lowest ratings in history.

What if Trump Media Group acquired CNN?

Imagine a world where you change the channel with your remote and all of a sudden seeing Max Igan, Clif High, STG Report, or Stew Peters on your TV. It would be an earth moving shift in the cognition of normies if that were to actually happen. That day may be coming.

I think the best alternative influencers have been battle hardened, groomed, and prepped for an inevitable debut on the big screen. Folks that have organically grown out of the alt news arena are the logical choice for a coming wave of Trump Media. I think part of the role Juan O Savin plays on the Trump team is to identify talent to recruit into TMTG. We all know this is an information war and taking out the media in this war is paramount to the Truth movement overcoming the stranglehold the enemy has on American minds. Main Stream Media companies are now being hammered with lawsuits. Nick Sandmann and NBC just reached an undisclosed settlement rather than going to trial. The Flynn family are suing CNN for 75 million. It looks like Patriots are on the offensive in this covert 5th generation information war and are slowly gaining ground.

One day there may be a T flag flying above CNN headquarters.

December 19th 2021




There is an advanced type two civilization that resides in massive cavities deep within the earth where there shines an internal plasma sun with an entire civilization of tall people who have technology beyond our wildest imagination. On the surface, humans have become somewhat technologically advanced and pose a serious threat to the earth and to those who dwell deep inside. There is an approaching cyclical natural reset involving our sun that many fear will be an extinction level event. There is not enough room inside the earth for 7 billion humans to flee to for safety, so a deal has been negotiated with the surface and those living below which has resulted in the now fast-tracked roll out of the deadly long term global agenda we are living through today. Antarctica is being cleared and prepped for the transport of those chosen to escape this global cull. According to the Georgia Guidestones, the specific target number of 500 million was established. An ark is being prepared to safely flee to deep within the womb of the earth. This impending event will most likely be a micro-nova, where the sun will blow off collected space dust and particles that are accumulating as it traverses through a galactic current sheet of densely charged particulate regions of the Milky Way. After the birthing of this new age has passed, and the sojourn is over, humanity will reemerge to rebuild civilization once again on the surface.

Let's take a short trip down the ice hole we call Antarctica.

A Trip Down The Ice Hole

ice hole

Antarctica is one of the most mysterious, foreboding, and forbidden places on earth. It is earth's only continent without a native human population. In fact a treaty was established between nations in 1959 Recognizing that it is in the interest of all mankind that Antarctica shall continue forever to be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord. I wonder if world leaders were warned on July 12th 1952 to stay away from Antarctica?

Scientists claim that the Antarctic Ice Sheet formed around 14 million years ago. If this is true, how can there be the remains of the Piri Reis map that was compiled in 1513 by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer showing the northern coastline of Antarctica detailing a landmass that is today buried beneath the ice? Piri Reis claimed that he had used 20 different older maps and charts as his source documents. It would appear that if a map exists that depicts the Antarctic coastline without ice, then the ice cover must have been a more recent event. It is impossible for a map to be maintained for 14 million years unless orang-utan's were apt cartographers.

The USAP (United States Antarctic Program) says Southern Ocean sea ice cover has gradually grown over the past 10,000 years. That puts us in line with the great flood of the Younger Dryas that occurred about 11-12 thousand years ago. As Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson have pointed out, cataclysmic flooding occurred during this extinction level event, possibly shifting the earths poles and the once warmer continent of Antarctica was flooded and then frozen over.


Many have speculated that Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis and buried beneath the ice are the mostly intact ancient remnants of this highly advanced civilization. There have been eyewitness reports of huge ancient black basalt rock structures under the ice buried as far down as two miles. Also located there is a huge entrance into this protected inner world of earth. A place the Nazis where obsessed with with. You could argue that the very purpose of the Nazi agenda was the establishment of an Agartha like civilization on earth called the Aryan race. It is logical that an advanced civilization, instead of having to rebuild every 12 thousand years or so on the surface, would retreat inside the earth to a location that provides them much greater protection deep within massive pockets within the earth. As admiral Byrd describes, it is: an area as big as the United States that's never been seen by a human being...beyond the pole on the other side of the south's quite astonishing. So is he saying there is a vast unexplored land mass of barren snow and ice that is astonishing? Or is he alluding to something else? How can he know it exists if it has never been seen by a human being?


I wont explore the fact that Colonel D. Harold Byrd, owner of Texas Book Depository was the cousin of Admiral Richard E. Byrd and how I suspect JFK was going to blow the whistle on all of this.

Are we Living Through a Great Cull and is This the Reason for it?

We all know evil has no bounds for the criminally insane who's bloodlines have ruled mankind for millennia through an ancient monolithic slave system that is the very foundation of our technological based society to this very day. Who or what has infected the consciousness of man causing so much pain, suffering, and unspeakable evil goes beyond the scope of this discussion. One does have to ask themselves however, is this Great Cull simply pure evil or is there an intelligent imperative behind it? If scientists and elite leaders, perhaps briefed by Nazi scientists after WWII that there is a cyclical solar event that has historically caused global extinction level events, decided to dedicate massive resources towards understanding more about it by establishing NASA among other agencies, archeological digs and stolen ancient artifacts, started wars, etc., all to collect evidence and search for a solution to how mankind can survive this impending cataclysm. Perhaps they now know we have run out of time with no viable alternatives and have since made a desperate deal with someone down in Antarctica to save themselves and their families. They view the reduction of the population through a self selecting cull via vaccines and birth control as the only means to better manage what remains of human society as this event approaches.

In Conclusion

Antarctica is a bottomless ice hole and there is just too much info to parse and cover in a single discussion. A promise of survival would be a prime motivator for a privileged ruling class to sacrifice their own species in order to save themselves. The cost of the many to benefit the few has been the organized directive of human society for at least ten thousand years. I don't see why that would change now. In fact, I suspect they might find a ruthless joy in eliminating the rest of us only to save themselves. Surviving this transition into the next age to witness the Dawn of a New Day and forge for themselves and future generations a New World Order made in THEIR vision for the future.

Will this Ark be their sanctuary or sepulture?

December 16th 2021

Eric Adams: A Proud Older Brother?

PHOTO: Incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks
      during a ceremony announcing Nassau County Chief of Detectives
      Keechant Sewell as the first ever female NYPD Commissioner, in
      Queensbridge Houses, Queens, New York City, Dec. 15, 2021.

NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams is a retired New York Police Department captain and has recently announced Keechant Sewell as the first female police commissioner of the NYPD. Is it me, or do they look related? I tried to dig up some background on the family history of Keechant Sewell and have come up empty:
Keechaat Sewell was born in Queens, New York City, to her parents, father Carl Sewell, and mother, whose name and identity has been kept a secret.

While much is known about Keechant Sewell's professional background, she has kept her personal life under the wraps.


One thing I know for a FACT is that there is a lot of nepotism in the police department and one common practice is to use non connected last names. For example you could hire your niece's husband, place them in a high ranking position, and most will never know there is a family connection. It is interesting that her personal background is so opaque.

Here is a photo of Keechant Sewell with her mother.

Here is a photo of Eric Adams carrying a picture of his now deceased mother.

Looks like the same women to me.

Not disclosing information to protect family members is common in law enforcement. I'm sure it will eventually be made public that they are related. As we all know, there are many highly qualified anti-nepotism journalists reporting the news today and will be all over this breaking story.

I hear there is an opening for a chief of detectives...

December 15th 2021

How the Chess Game is Played

There is a hidden hand on earth that many speculate upon but few really know for sure.

What we do know is that there is a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy according to JFK and it controls the Military Industrial Complex according to his predecessor Dwight D. Eisenhower. After the assassination of JFK, in this covert Coup d'état of the United States, what we know today as The Deep State was born. These Black Hats have taken control and have remained in power ever since. It has also been speculated that after JFK's death, a White Hat operation was born and they too have remained hidden from public purview. It has been speculated that a grand chess game is in play and there are only a few moves left on the board, in this game, winner takes all and control of planet earth.

This Black Hat / Deep State agenda has become more exposed over the years, primarily because their plans have been consistently disclosed to the public. Either as a display of arrogance or as an acknowledgement of human herd ignorance and stupidity, they literally put all of their plans, schemes, and machinations, out there in plain sight for all to see, yet few have noticed.

We can narrow the plan down to:

It is essentially the Nazi model 101 in modern times applied to the entire surface population of planet earth. These dark forces are clearly the antithesis of Freedom. So, if this is all The Grand Chessboard in play and there are only a few moves left, what are the final moves?

It would seem that the White Hats operate using the strategy of a counter striker. The enemy makes a move and they fall back and counter strike while retreating. For example, if the Black Hats have spent decades planning the release of an engineered global pandemic and the only way that you can obtain health, life, and safety, is through their captured medical institutions, the only way that you can have food to eat is through their captured agriculture and supply chains, the only way that you can have water, electricity, gas, and internet, is through their captured utility grid, the only way that you can have the material necessities you need to live is through their captured retail outlets, the only way that you can have happiness is through their captured entertainment and pharmaceutical industry, the only way you can have money is through their captured banking and financial system, the only way you can have justice is through their captured court system, the only way you can have law is through their captured law enforcement system, the only way you can have government is through their captured governments, the only way you can connect with God is through their captured religions, how can this vast monolithic and ruthless conspiracy be countered?

It took a long time to establish all these human institutions. Decades, years, centuries, millennium. If the intent of these institutions is subverted, they then become something else. You can't establish an institution that was created to help children, invert it to where it now harms children and then have it remain intact as the structure it was originally intended. If the original purpose is subverted, the intent of the institution has been abandoned, despite the amount of funding, marketing, and clever deception employed to sustain an illusion of its existence. If the true purpose has been abandoned, then the institution itself has been abandoned. What happens to abandoned structures in nature? They are absorbed. The most breathtaking man made structures are all eventually reclaimed by nature through the process of rot and corrosion. This is exactly what is occurring now in our society. ALL these long standing human institutions are in the process of being reclaimed by nature. Reclaimed by the natural process. So in reality, we still have a structure called the White House that is being maintained every day and a Supreme Court that has its steps swept and polished, and a white marble Congressional building with people coming and going pretending to look important, but the purity of the intention of these institutions has become utterly compromised. An institution is simply the inception and manifestation of an idea with intention. If the original intention is destroyed, then the idea is destroyed with it and the institution no longer exists in reality. Sure, you may still have a building that once housed and upheld great ideas but the building was merely a temporary vehicle used to facilitate those valuable concepts for the benefit of human society. If the idea has been malevolently subverted, then it will inevitably be rejected by human society, despite the physical shell of it's origins remaining. It is nothing but a rotting corpse in the process of being reabsorbed by nature. Eaten by soldier flies, bacteria, ants, and worms. Consumed and then excreted, and repurposed as fertile soil to grow a generation of new ideas and visions for human society.

If hospitals have failed us, then inside the empty shells of those abandoned vacant buildings will emerge a new wholistic concept of healing, if the grid grinds to a halt, a new, more reliant, decentralized, and independent means of generating energy will emerge, if the financial system collapses, a new and more resilient means of human exchange will take it's place. This is how nature rolls and this is how I think the White Hats have played their hand. Letting their enemy destroy the very co-dependent slave system they have created and conned us into thinking we need, and then allowing new opportunities, innovations, perspectives, emerge naturally. Also through the transparent disclosure of the suppressed technological wonders that have already been bought and paid for by the blood, sweat, and tears of human society. One way or another nature wins, the White Hats win, and...

God Wins

December 12th 2021

Smollett, Biden, Harris, Pelosi and the Person Behind the Curtain

If Biden is a place holder for someone behind the scenes who is directing him, then what could be the path to their public (re)emergence? First off, one needs to speculate as to who might be pulling the strings. A logical guess would be Obama, afterall, he did declare publicly that he would love to have a front man he can whisper to in an earpiece and instruct while he sits in his sweats in his basement SCIF while running things behind the scenes.

In recent news, is the well connected to Obama, Jussie Smollett. It is interesting that Smollett was hung out to dry after the Soros backed Cook County state attorney Kim Foxx decided to drop the 16 count indictment in exchange for the forfeiture of the $10,000 bail Smollett had posted. A quick, easy, clean - just go away - solution. However, it was none other than Rahm Emanuel with Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson calling this a Whitewash of Justice denouncing prosecutors for dropping the charges. Why? Who benefits from Smollett being exposed? All this occurred if you recall while The Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018 was in play. The bill was sponsored by none other than then Senator Kamala Harris. The Jussie Smollett attack helped facilitate the bill passing in the senate. If this was all staged in order to get the bill passed and is connected back to now Vice President Kamala Harris, a criminal indictment and conviction could be issued to Harris or perhaps instead, she would need to vacate the office of VP. Now what makes this interesting is, if Biden was to step down for some unforeseen reason, health or cognitive problems perhaps? That would clear the way for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to assume the office of president. This situation clearly falls under COG as outlined by Pelosi herself back on July 20th 2020. As the office of vice president is vacated, it would need to be filled by appointment. The logical conclusion of these exhausting machinations would result in a Vice President Obama or Hillary returning to Save a Nation in Crisis.

Makes one wonder why Trump back on November 17th 2018 was so determined to see Nancy keep her position as Speaker of the House. It would seem all this was well orchestrated by those who benefit. What's not so apparent is, were the orchestrators being played?

Something to think about.

December 12th 2021

The Advent of Smart Dust and the Global Digital Control Grid

smart dust

Is smart dust real?

Not only is smart dust real, one of it's practical applications, according to Forbes magazine, is - to enable wireless monitoring of people and products for security purposes. Wirelessly communicate the data to the cloud, a base or other MEMs (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems).

What is smart dust?

Again, according to Forbes magazine:
Imagine a world where wireless devices are as small as a grain of salt. These miniaturized devices have sensors, cameras and communication mechanisms to transmit the data they collect back to a base in order to process. Today, you no longer have to imagine it: microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), often called motes, are real and they very well could be coming to a neighborhood near you.

If a technology of miniaturized devices are deployed with sensors and cameras that are designed to transmit data back to a "base to be processed", what could facilitate the communication of this data on a global scale?

According to Statista there have been 1,735 Starlink satellites launched between May 24th, 2019 and May 26th 2021. There is an unprecedented number of satellites being launched into low orbit.
Using advanced satellites in a low orbit, Starlink enables video calls, online gaming, streaming, and other high data rate activities that historically have not been possible with satellite internet. Users can expect to see download speeds between 100 Mb/s and 200 Mb/s and latency as low as 20ms in most locations.

What is Starlink?

Let's see what Wikipedia has to say:
Starlink is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX providing satellite Internet access to most of the Earth. The constellation consists of over 1600 satellites in mid-2021, and will eventually consist of many thousands of mass-produced small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), which communicate with designated ground transceivers. While the technical possibility of satellite internet service covers most of the global population, actual service can be delivered only in countries that have licensed SpaceX to provide service within any specific national jurisdiction. As of November 2021, the beta service offering is available in 21 countries.

How can data collected by miniaturized devices in the form of smart dust communicate back to a base?

According to an MIT paper this can be accomplished via Passive reflective systems:
In its simplest passive configuration, the passive reflective device consists of three mutually orthogonal mirrors. Light enters the CCR, bounces off each of the three mirrors, and is reflected back parallel to the direction it entered. In the MEMS version, the device has one mirror mounted on a spring at an angle slightly askew from perpendicularity to the other mirrors.
This optical signaling system is implemented using Active-steered laser systems:
For mote-to-mote communication, an active-steered laser communication system uses an onboard light source to send a tightly collimated light beam toward an intended receiver. ...A Smart Dust mote's emitted beam would have a divergence of approximately 1 milliradian, permitting communication over enormous distances using milliwatts of power...
I think it is safe to conclude that a mote located on the ground communicating to a low orbit Starlink satellite could be considered an enormous distance.

Are Starlink satellites laser equipped?

According to Spaceflightnow SpaceX Starlink satellites are indeed laser equipped:
Most satellites don't speak to each other directly... Instead, they use radio frequency communications with a ground station to relay communications between satellites. The Starlink satellites launching today will be testing fully operational optical inter-satellite links, otherwise known as space lasers, to provide direct communications between the satellites without ground stations acting as an intermediary.

In Conclusion

We have a system of miniaturized sensor devices known as Smart Dust that communicate using lasers coupled with a barrage of laser equipped Starlink satellites that are being launched into low orbit at a staggering pace. One can only imagine an alternate covert intent and union of these disruptive technologies, the privacy issues, and potential adverse health affects of human exposure.

Flu like symptoms perhaps?

December 10th 2021

Florida Illegal Migrant Solution

Any illegal migrant, alien, person, or refugee found in Florida are protected under Federal Jurisdiction. It is the imperative of Florida Law Enforcement to relocate these individuals to their proper Lawful Jurisdiction. I would suggest to the governor of the great Free and Sovereign State of Florida to establish a humanitarian relocation program fund to fly and bus these illegal aliens to their proper Lawful Jurisdiction and Sanctuary. In this case, the White House lawn is clearly the most appropriate destination for the Lawful processing and protection of these people. We have a wonderful benevolent and humanitarian President who will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and security of these people. I am sure most Floridians would be more than happy to see a small portion of their property taxes used to facilitate this noble endeavor. In fact, I think the American people and the rest of the world would find this act of benevolence awe inspiring.

If the Federal government can fly these individuals into Florida, then I think we can find it in our hearts to fly them into Washington DC where they will have FAR more resources to provide the necessary safety, security, and loving care for these downtrodden peoples.