There is far more to this world than is taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.

March 23rd 2023

Inheritance of Earth WILL BE Gifted to the Children of Adam

When the time arrives, the Lawful transfer of ownership of earth will be deeded to the children of Adam. Unless of course, there are no children who's DNA can be directly linked to Adam and Eve at the time of contract execution.

NOTICE: House of Windsor

The claim of sovereignty to earth by descendants of the lineage of Cain via the hybrid blood connection to Eve and the Elohim is null and void if a descendant of Adam remains on earth at the time of reconciliation. Any authority claimed by stewards of earth WILL BE DISSOLVED unless no heir is found who can lay Lawful claim to the blood line of Adam. Rule of planet earth and Authority will be transferred to a blood descendant of Adam and Eve who remains a living Man on the Land at the time of Contract Fulfillment. THIS IS THE LAW - THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. So unless you have successfully eliminated ALL living bloodline remnants connected by DNA to Adam and Eve, your assumed stewardship, sovereignty and authority WILL BE TERMINATED.


March 17th 2023

Red October

If I had to place a bet on when the financial system collapse will commence, I would have to say October 2023.

This fall the financial system will fall...

PS: While in a prediction mood. Look for possible indictment of Trump on Monday.

March 13th 2023

UFO Defying The Laws Of Physics

It is rather embarrassing that the best and brightest inside the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex are clueless when it comes to the simple observation of reality. The Pentagon has come out in public and asserted that UFO's defy the laws of physics. Really? Is that so?

Do you want to know how our extraterrestrial friends above do it?

Take a look for yourself:

It's called remote control. They have deployed many thousands if not tens of thousands of probes into our atmosphere. These probes are plasma objects that can be dialed into any form and state of matter wherever and whenever they so choose. Dialed in and out from solid matter to a vapor. Their purpose is to carefully monitor earth. Heck, they sometimes move terrestrial military spy balloons off course just for the fun of it. This is all accomplished with light, resonance, frequency, and magnetic fields. They are so advanced they can literally induce matter, dial it into any form they want, and then dial it out like tuning from one radio station to another. We are no threat to them and they are no threat to us. It is not us they are here for. It is our progenitors they want. We are a unique, hapless, engineered species stuck in the middle of a stalemate waiting for the conclusion of a very ancient war. A contingent of the Old Empire lives below us protected in a fortified civilization deep within the earth. They run the human population on the surface. Earth is their dominion. Our friends above are in the atmosphere, orbit, and space. The "heavens" are their domain.

So, I recommend you forget about ANYTHING the pentagon says because they are literally clueless. They really and truly don't understand what is going on in the skies above us. Sadly, they have aligned themselves with the Commander below. The King of the underworld. It is not going to end well for them.

Military jets chasing laser pointers is all it is folks...

March 11th 2023

Outpost Earth

A long time ago in this galaxy there was a very ancient empire based on a monolithic hierarchy and obedience through fear, that waged war to conquer all Peaceful and Free worlds. An alliance was formed and the empire was eventually defeated. The rulers of this empire escaped and went into hiding becoming cosmic criminal fugitives. They chose a solar system that was very remote and essentially inhabitable by galactic standards. The star in this system emits life shortening ultraviolet solar radiation and is in an orbit around the galactic center that cyclically encounters dangerous extinction level pockets of clouds and debris. Star systems of this type are undesirable and never inhabited. The surviving contingent of this ancient empire colonized this solar system and have remained until this day. They terraformed planets in the system including earth to diversify and use as cover to avoid discovery and capture as they attempted to covertly reconstitute the empire. They are very advanced, powerful, and extremely dangerous. Terraforming earth made it suitable for seeding life after which they engineered a unique hybrid species called Man who was made in their image. They are the progenitors of our species. They needed a slave race to help build civilization on the colonized remote planetary outposts. A new tree of life was formed on earth and this engineered race of less intelligent subordinate laborers and worshipers provided the production capacity and obedience necessary to rebuild the empire while also providing a cover to help conceal their presence from alliance scouts patrolling this region of space.

The Underworld

This extremely intelligent and advanced race are not genetically capable of surviving on the surface of earth exposed to our star sol for any extended period of time without a protective vapor canopy. They live very long lives due to genetic engineering and their very limited exposure to stellar radiation, living thousands to perhaps tens of thousands of years. Their lifespan would be greatly shortened if exposed to the harsh surface environment of earth and its inhospitable radioactive star.


Over the course of time probes of patrolling ships searching the galaxy for these cosmic war criminals came across our solar system noting the primitive surface population and the societies that had been built on top of the remains of previously destroyed older civilizations; stalling the technological development of these inhabitants. Observing the strange similarities of the architecture on the inhabited planets of this system being similar in design to that of the old empire. It was puzzling that life had been seeded in this dangerous and remote region. Eventually, after discovering the presence of the stealth criminal contingent in hiding, a violent and brutal battle ensued. The patrolling scout ships, while advanced, were not here as a large military force and were repelled and unable to defeat all the empire planetary outposts. This battle resulted in the destruction of an entire planet. A region we today call the asteroid belt. Mars and Venus too were devastated and rendered uninhabitable. Empire remnants retreated deep inside the earth to their fortified civilization for protection. They remain quarantined by the alliance until reinforcements arrive as it takes time to travel great distances in space.


The ace in the hole for these regressive cosmic criminals who still rule and control earth today from below, is the human surface population they strategically use as cover. The day has arrived and the necessary reinforcements are here. The final showdown to defeat these criminals once and for all is now in play. The problem is that they are ruthless and are using the human species on the surface as their hostages. Any attempts to capture or neutralize the empirical stronghold will result in the destruction of not only the vulnerable engineered population of lifeforms on the surface, they will also kill the earth and ALL life on it.

The Clock is Ticking

Sol is quickly approaching a dangerous region in its orbit around the galactic center full of debris which will be catastrophic to life and human civilization on the surface of the planet. So they must act and act soon to break this ancient stalemate which has been in effect for over two thousand years. Do they allow the evil empire to destroy earth and all life on the surface, or do they wait and let the events of passing through this dangerous region of space naturally play out before making their move?

Either way, the stakes can not be higher for life on earth...

March 10th 2023

The Bag Men

A group of Ancient men have been identified as those responsible for rebooting civilization on the surface of planet earth about 12 thousand years ago after a great cataclysm. There is a LOT of speculation as to what these ancient men are carrying in these bags. It is a big mystery.

What Could Be In The Bags?

These ancients were responsible for rebooting civilization on the surface of earth. To accomplish this, a great deal of knowledge would have to had to have been preserved. From that knowledge, technology would have remained and then later be deployed to facilitate a surface reboot. The highly advanced civilization at the time of the reboot would have had to preserve their civilization deep underground. Everything that was valuable and essential for a Continuity of Civilization would have been moved deep underground for protection. Also depending on how many times the surface of earth has been cleansed and rebooted, perhaps their civilization was moved a long time ago deep within the earth. It seems this would be the logical thing to do. Perhaps they are still deep down inside the earth in some protected, climate controlled cavity, large enough to safely sustain a very ancient and very advanced civilization.

A Place of Protection

The Devil lives in an invisible realm. Confined to the vicinity of the earth. Ruling over all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth. Hell is below us. Perhaps in the center of the earth. Those who live there come up out of the ground.

Yehoshua descended into the lower parts of the earth. Before he ascended into the sky he met with those dwelling down below.

Mystery Technology in the Bag

There is speculation that perhaps there is mystery technology inside those bags. A technology so powerful it single-handedly accomplished a reboot of civilization on the surface of planet earth after the Great Reset.

What Could This Magical Technology Be?

What would be the most logical, most essential technology that could fit into a handbag and yet be powerful enough to reboot human civilization on the surface of planet earth?

Sowing the Seeds...

March 6th 2023


What are sunspots? Well according to NASA:

Sunspots are areas that appear dark on the surface of the Sun. They appear dark because they are cooler than other parts of the Sun’s surface. The temperature of a sunspot is still very hot though—around 6,500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Why are sunspots relatively cool? It’s because they form at areas where magnetic fields are particularly strong. These magnetic fields are so strong that they keep some of the heat within the Sun from reaching the surface.


How about another official explanation:

Sunspots are dark, planet-size regions of strong magnetic fields on the surface of the sun. They can spawn eruptive disturbances such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs).

These regions of the sun appear darker because they are cooler than their surroundings...

Sunspots form when concentrations of magnetic field from deep within the sun well up to the surface, according to the European Solar Telescope.

Though scientists don't fully understand how sunspots form, researchers generally accept a theory first proposed by American astronomer Horace Babcock in 1961 that sunspots are forged by the sun's magnetic field.


So these parochial definitions are simply statements of the observable behavior of our star. They do not actually address a causality, as they admittedly don't know (or so they claim).

Space Clouds of Gas and Dust

According to NASA, space clouds of gas and dust that exists between stars in the void of space were discovered by the Hubble telescope. These are called Nebulae and happen in places where the interstellar medium has become dense enough to form clouds. In some cases the darkest-ever view of dense, dark, interstellar clouds have been observed by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Speeding Through Space

Our sun is orbiting the galactic center at 552,523 mph. NASA states there are clouds made of dust and hydrogen dispersed throughout the interstellar medium. Are we to assume that the sun on its long journey through space is on a pristine path and will never encounter any of these dust and gas debris clouds?

Sunspots are Caused by Interstellar Debris

I find it impossible to think no one has ever considered a theory that the sun encountering interstellar dust debris and gas clouds could be a cause of sunspots. It seems the only logical explanation. If a human inhales dust from the air, what happens? The debris becomes lodged in the nose causing us to sneeze to dislodge it. Isn't the behavior observed from sunspots exactly the same? The sun encounters dust debris and ignitable gases as it speeds through interstellar space, which then lodge into its atmosphere causing a disruption at the location of impact. Trapping heat and radiation below it, cooling the surface, which darkens, altering the electromagnetic field of the sun. These foreign elements are then blown off like a sneeze - a process we call solar flares and coronal mass ejections.