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April 16th 2024

Powering Underground Cities

Valuable spent reusable uranium fuel that can be used to generate an abundance of electricity has been falsely declared dangerous and then conveniently stored underground despite plants having been built to store its spent fuel on location. This critical resource is considered more valuable than platinum or gold, yet it is deemed toxic waste. What else is underground that happens to require an unlimited supply of electricity? Underground cities powered by nuclear submarines. Yes, you read that correctly. There are massive secret underground cities built specifically for the Continuity of Civilization, powered by nuclear submarines using spent nuclear waste as a virtually unlimited fuel source. No one has any idea this mind-boggling massive engineering project even exists.

Biggest Psyop in Human History

Scaring the public is better than a lock and key.

Once again we see another massive covert psyop deployed on the populous. Ensure the public is very afraid of nuclear waste so that surface facilities are eventually decommissioned and closed down. All while quietly acquiring the valuable spent fuel that is used for an almost limitless generation of electricity. Move it underground to provide power for clandestine cities where trillions in public wealth has been diverted to build these civilization preserving bunker facilities to house the EL-ite in their Anglo Saxon Mission.

The Disappearing Act

How soon before we hear about prominent VIPs on the surface suddenly dying? Exiting stage-left and moving to their safe and secure underground protected and abundantly electrified fortresses? Waiting out the coming storm only to rise again and claim the inheritance to THEIR New World.

The Great Reset...

April 15th 2024

The Dawn of a New Day

God blesses those who are humble, for THEY will inherit the WHOLE earth.

The Anglo Saxon Mission (2005)

Our source suggests that the reason for this whole Third World War scenario is that then the Western governments, with the Chinese out of the way, will be in a state of such totalitarian control of their own population that they will be best-equipped to recover and rebuild the “new world” after a cataclysm. And he thinks that this is what’s happening

And I have to tell you that this terrible logic makes sense to me, that they would think that way. I’m not for a moment agreeing that this will happen. I think this is wild, crazy stuff, but if they believe that it’s going to happen, then this could be their justification for this kind of plan that we’ve heard about is really being discussed.

What Does the Phrase "Dawn of a New Day" Really Mean?

Who Will Inherit the New World?

Jesus Christ! This Shit is REAL?

Remember - All I'm Offering is the Truth

Oh God!

I had NO Idea...

April 12th 2024

Tit Tat

Welcome to the Covert War...