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January 28th 2023

Operation Hammer

A hammer has been carefully engineered to come crushing down on Russia, China, and crypto currencies. Make no mistake, the Military Industrial Complex is alive and well and living in DC. Cuddled away, compartmentalized and cozy are ALL the intelligence agencies, pentagon apparatchiks, central bank subordinates, (s)elected politicians, and members of the unelected 4th estate of the U.S. corporation - pretending to be a government Of, For, and By We The People. Their purpose is single minded and very simple - PROTECT THE DOLLAR AT ALL COSTS. That's not so hard to comprehend now is it?

How do you Protect the Indomitable USD?

If you are the levers of power that control the game of life on planet earth played with the childlike belief in a magical fiction called fiat currency, in order to maintain that power, there is an insatiable requirement for intelligence, subterfuge, policy, and force. In order to sustain the unparalleled dominance to Command and Control the world via the USD, you MUST employ think tanks, information and media control, clandestine technological dominance, military dominance, surveillance and intelligence gathering superiority, low earth orbit space dominance, and COMPLETE CONTROL OF MONEY. If there is even the hint of a threat to that control, ALL assets MUST be deployed to counter and eliminate them. That means you destroy any nation or technology that threatens the hegemony of the Federal Reserve Note. Eliminate ALL threats Foreign and Domestic. These foreign threats are Russia and China with domestic threats being crypto currencies like Bitcoin.

How to Eliminate Domestic Threats

Cryptos are a clear and present danger to the hegemony of the central bank issued and controlled USD. How do you eliminate this threat? You infiltrate and subvert it through heavy investing, creating leverage with your powerful weapon - The Federal Reserve Note. Use your intelligence agencies to exploit the technology by hacking exchanges, embed child pornography into the blockchain, cultivate illicit transactions, and pour BILLIONS of conjured money to be used as cheese to attract MANY mice into the space creating a dependence so when the time is right, you release the trap, crush the space, and destroy confidence in the nascent and burgeoning challengers to YOUR Paper and Digit Global Empire. A lot of REAL PAIN must be felt in order to obliterate the space entirely. When enough suffering has transpired, you then issue your own Central Bank Digital Currency only this time, authorized by the Full Faith, Credit, and FORCE of the U.S. Global Corporation.

How to Eliminate Foreign Threats

The best way to control an enemy is to infiltrate and allow that enemy to think THEY are in control. That their stratagem and machinations are valid, working, and close to succeeding. It is better to bait ones enemies than to allow them to be strong and independent. If you were for example to bait China, how would you do it? You would first build it up, exploit it, allow it to grow and dominate, allow it to think it has infiltrated and weakened you. Feed its spies with all your valuable technology to the point of dependence. Allow it to be bold, establish hubris at how easy, weak, and corrupt America is. Give it LOTS of rope while at the same time building a case with the war weary and bioweapon-injected populous of your nation to see for themselves the evil enemy you have cleverly groomed. Allow America to reach the precipice of falling so the people will beg you to intervene and destroy China and Russia to save their own country from absolute devastation and destruction. You are the renewed heroes of your countrymen who have come back from the dead. The resurrected patriots of old coming to save Life, Freedom and the American Way. The flag will once again be embraced and happiness and joy will fill the land as the Central Banking / Warfare Tree of Dominion is restored with the blood of patriots and tyrants. The United States Global Corporate Empire will have defeated the EVIL Russians and Chinese simultaneously, "against all odds", and while the cost is high in blood and treasure, the Restoration of America THROUGH WAR by dedicated Patriots, a 911 and WWII on steroids, will pave way for a New American Century of dominance and control of the world through the preservation of the new U.S.Digital Empire. Crushed are the enemies of the Central Bank in a shrewd and carefully planned trap.

The West is the Best - (Son of Admiral George Stephen Morrison)

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January 14th 2023

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