There is real power in great ideas. Force is a tool used by those lacking them.

February 28th 2022

Here I Come to Save the Day!

The time has finally arrived for the well orchestrated inglorious departure of Joe Biden. It wont be much longer now. His usefulness has expired and his handlers behind the scenes are ready for The Great Reveal. The appearance of a "Savior" who will save our nation. A dynamic duo who will pull us from the brink of disaster and "avert nuclear war". This dramatic shift in key players is the fulfillment of a plan that was hatched well before they inserted this buffoon into the White House.

Obama and Hillary to the Rescue

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are ready to make their well planned grand entrance on to the world stage. An "experienced" team who will be selflessly reentering the political arena to "Save a Nation in Peril". The criminals have consolidated power and are now working together.

We're Back!

February 26th 2022

The New Bogeyman

Remember in the not too distant past when we were neck deep in the media War on Terror? Terrified of Muslims hiding in caves? We were engaged in WWIII fighting against an invisible enemy - "The Muslim Terrorist". A faceless foe that flies planes into buildings, donning suicide belts, beheading people on TV, who brought a superpower to its knees.

The Muslim is Gonna Get You!
The Muslim is Gonna Get You!
The Muslim is Gonna Get You!
Allah Allah

—Ralphie May

Remember in the not too distant past when we were neck deep in the media COVID Pandemic? Terrified of an invisible virus? We were engaged in fighting against an invisible enemy - "The Corona Virus". A faceless foe that slips through masks, making people sick, with lots of "cases" on TV, a germ that brought a superpower to its knees.

The COVID is Gonna Get You!
The COVID is Gonna Get You!
The COVID is Gonna Get You!

Today we are facing a new enemy. Neck deep in the media Russian Invasion, we are now engaged in fighting against an old enemy - "The Russians". A foe that slips through Ukraine defenses by night, bombing buildings, with lots of smoke on TV, an enemy that can bring a superpower to its knees.

The Russians are Gonna Get You!
The Russians are Gonna Get You!
The Russians are Gonna Get You!

Stay Safe Comrades...

February 23rd 2022

The Ring

Juan O Savin is wearing Jackie Kennedy's ring.

The Ring of Power...

February 19th 2022

Dreams, Remote Viewing, and Midnight Riders

On the night of the 2020 US presidential election I had a dream where I was in a room packed with soldiers, we were attending a meeting and our attention was focused on General Mike Flynn. Standing, facing us, his face stark and grave, he began singing the paean of patriots My Country 'Tis of Thee. It was a very emotional moment and we all joined in with him marking the commencement of the New Revolutionary War for American Freedom. The next morning I saw a twitter post by General Flynn with the words to this anthem displayed. At that point I knew something different with dreaming and human consciousness was occurring. A new kind of war had just begun. Whether intentional or not, I had tuned into some nocturnal cognition military broadcast.

We Spend About One Third of Our Lives Asleep

Why do we sleep? What happens when we are asleep? What are dreams? Do dreams have any useful and actionable meaning?

Sleep is essential to every process in the body, affecting our physical and mental functioning the next day, our ability to fight disease and develop immunity, and our metabolism and chronic disease risk. Sleep is truly interdisciplinary because it touches every aspect of health.


For something so important that we spend so much time doing, we know very little about sleeping and more importantly, dreaming.

There are at least five different types of dreams:

  1. Daydreams
  2. Normal Dreams
  3. Lucid Dreams
  4. False Awakenings
  5. Nightmares

There is not an immersive amount of public scientific study on dreaming and what IS available is parochial at best:

Experimental Research on Dreaming: State of the Art and Neuropsychoanalytic Perspectives

Dreaming is still a mystery of human cognition, although it has been studied experimentally for more than a century. Experimental psychology first investigated dream content and frequency. The neuroscientific approach to dreaming arose at the end of the 1950s and soon proposed a physiological substrate of dreaming: rapid eye movement sleep. Fifty years later, this hypothesis was challenged because it could not explain all of the characteristics of dream reports. Therefore, the neurophysiological correlates of dreaming are still unclear, and many questions remain unresolved. Do the representations that constitute the dream emerge randomly from the brain, or do they surface according to certain parameters? Is the organization of the dream’s representations chaotic or is it determined by rules? Does dreaming have a meaning? What is/are the function(s) of dreaming? Psychoanalysis provides hypotheses to address these questions. Until now, these hypotheses have received minimal attention in cognitive neuroscience, but the recent development of neuropsychoanalysis brings new hopes of interaction between the two fields. Considering the psychoanalytical perspective in cognitive neuroscience would provide new directions and leads for dream research and would help to achieve a comprehensive understanding of dreaming. Notably, several subjective issues at the core of the psychoanalytic approach, such as the concept of personal meaning, the concept of unconscious episodic memory and the subject’s history, are not addressed or considered in cognitive neuroscience. This paper argues that the focus on singularity and personal meaning in psychoanalysis is needed to successfully address these issues in cognitive neuroscience and to progress in the understanding of dreaming and the psyche.

A Dream was the Foundation of Modern Science

Modern science was founded by René Descartes in the early 17th century. Descartes had a dream in which an angel appeared to him and said: The conquest of nature is to be achieved through number and measurement. That angelic inspirational revelation was the inception of modern science. Today such a profound and pivotal life experience would be dismissed by science as "total nonsense". It is ironic, and something few people know.

The Human Experiment

Well maybe it is all part of a "greater plan". You see, we are at a place and time in human history that will determine if our species ends as a failed experiment or proceeds on to the next age. We are a genetic experiment. The work of an external intelligence. An indigenous hominid, tinkered with by the "gods", who made man in their own image at the inception of our present incarnation. We are an engineered biological race of monkeys designed to be slaves, blindly obeying "authority", who labor and produce like herded farm animals.

The occult symbol of Baphomet is a chimera that is part man, woman, goat, reptile, and bird. A caduceus in place of the reproductive organ and behind it a round petri dish of swimming sperm representing DNA with the curious phrase SOLVE COAGULA displayed on the arms. There are various interpretations for this phrase. Some meaning "dissolve and coagulate" or "analyze and synthesize". I will provide an additional interpretation.

Etymology of "solve"

"to disperse, dissipate, loosen," dissolve; untie, release, detach; depart; unlock; scatter; dismiss; accomplish, fulfill; explain; remove," "to loosen, divide, cut apart."


It would appear to me that SOLVE COAGULA refers to the process of detaching, dividing, untying, and cutting apart a coagulated mass of sperm and blood; unlocking its DNA. It is logical to speculate that the animals depicted may represent the Promethean genetic DNA source code used to engineer homo sapiens.

The Human Origin

The human species on planet earth did not evolve naturally with the intent of the creator. Instead, we are the product of a cadre of local "gods" or space lords who tinkered in a lab with DNA to produce a hybrid species that could provide the labor to develop or perhaps restore the colony called Earth. These progenitor beings had elongated skulls and were vastly more intelligent than humans.

So, not unlike man, being an imitative species, who today is dabbling in DNA genetic experiments, modifications, and cloning, our "creators" also "dabbled" producing mankind about ten thousand years ago. In their eyes, we are their children. So here we are, a species that has not evolved naturally, having been essentially fabricated, and then finally for some unknown reason (revolt, war, or natural disaster perhaps?), have since been left alone to progress naturally and unmitigated as part of what I would suspect was an agreement to rectify this ancient horrific act. An event that brought us into being giving us an unnatural propensity towards destructive technological pursuits. Some of these pursuits involve consciousness.

Midnight Riders

The inverse of awake and aware is asleep and dreaming. An alternate reality we find ourselves in every night. I propose that this state of consciousness has now been harnessed and weaponized. A couple of years ago Q and general Flynn referred to the phrase Midnight Riders.

Many have speculated as to its meaning being about anonymous late night digital soldiers engaging in information warfare producing "dank memes" and pertinent internet links. Let me provide you with an alternate explanation. Midnight Riders is a military program that exploits the civilian population while they are asleep and dreaming, using them as Remote Viewers for spying and intelligence gathering. Leveraging a collective gain of function from the population at large used as a covert lens for espionage. Human consciousness has been weaponized and is now a component of active military warfare technology. I can tell you the United States is not alone, Putin and Israel are also engaged in this high tech wetware program.

Humans have a natural ability to peer outside of their bodies through the third eye into other realms of anachronistic contexts. This provides a significant intelligence gathering benefit to anyone possessing this technology which inserts itself into the natural information flow of this asymmetrical state of consciousness. It is active and ongoing and we are in the middle of what I would call Remote Viewing Wars. There is a desperate push by the uninitiated to obtain knowledge by cheating with technology to gather up nuggets of actionable intelligence for the benefit of third party, potentially belligerent nonparticipants. This is a violation of Natural Law and the purloinment of Individual Sovereignty which will inevitably yield unintended repercussions.

Inception and Dream Sharing

Remember the movie Inception? It was about "dream sharing" or the external manipulation of dreams. The process of inserting an idea, if accepted by the target, that will grow like a seed and change the course of the individuals life; in turn, the external reality that life affects. If the target accepts the idea as his own, it is called "inception". In this case a team of installed dreamers implant an idea into the heir of a powerful energy corporation thus changing the trajectory of the corporate empire and its impact on the world. This technology is real, has been applied to Remote Viewing, is live, and has been deployed. External actors can insert themselves into the dream space to gather intelligence, direct a viewer towards a specific target, influence, or conversely distract or divert the viewer from a target. This is a valuable secret asset employed by nation states and others. Some of you reading this may unwittingly be a Midnight Rider. Having said that, I do think in the case of Flynn, there is a possibility that this tech is being used for good. That those who are participating are part of the fight for Freedom today on planet earth. I don't know for sure. This a just the sense I get. There are many remote viewing "connecting consciousness" programs underway that are yielding actionable intelligence. As with any technology, it is not perfect and is prone to failures.

The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

Human Consciousness is THE battlefield of the 21st century. We are already here folks. The pineal, "6th sense", clairvoyance, remote viewing, precognition, all natural human faculties that have been studied, technologically adopted, weaponized, and deployed by the military, intelligence agencies, and various third party actors. It is yet another state sponsored, dual use, dirty little secret that will never be publicly acknowledged. We are indeed in a war of consciousness. A revolution of thought. A fight for the sovereignty of the human mind and spirit.

Insight and Wisdom originate from within. Foolishness and Tragedy are derived externally...

February 13th 2022

The Bug

Humans have been participating in a ten thousand year old slave system. A system that has weaponized our labor, ingenuity, creativity, and intelligence, against us. Perpetually developing this system of incarceration, we continuously build, maintain, and live inside an ever more dependent society predicated on this pervasive technology. In the past we built it for Egyptian Pharaohs, Kings and Queens, Caesars and Czars. Today we build it for Google, Facebook, Verizon, Amazon, DARPA and CERN. The advancement of our species is always directed and measured through the lens of technological development. Maturity, emotional balance, critical thinking, and wisdom are rarely, if ever, a metric used to articulate the evolution and progression of our species.

A Technology Based System of Control that Serves the Few and Oppresses the Many

Why is it that a technology based system of control that serves the few and oppresses the many, that is ancient, ubiquitous, and inescapable, even exists in the first place? The answer most will point to is "Evil". There is evil in the world. There are selfish "people" who are addicted to power and control, who use their vast wealth and resources to subjugate their fellow man using money and influence to control institutions like governments, to steer society in a direction that always benefits THEM. There are "evil" people in the world, doing "evil" things, causing pain, suffering, tragedy, despair, and death. They wage wars, destroy, subvert, deceive, and harm all life on earth. In the process, polluting and destroying the environment in which we live. They hold disdain and contempt for nature and man. Evil simply seeks to dominate and control. Evil has always been with us since the Garden of Eden and is just a part of "human nature". All of us have some degree of Evil inside us that causes us to do things against our will that we normally otherwise wouldn't do. This is usually rooted in deep psychological factors otherwise known as trauma. Conversely, many think Evil and destructive behavior is inevitable and likely "genetic". I think few would disagree with this general perception as to why things are the way they are and the predicament mankind continually finds itself in. It is a state that most of us seek not to engage. Even Google says - "Don't Be Evil". Yet "evil" is the state we always eventually find our society in.

What is the Genesis of Evil and Destructive Behavior?

It would appear that "Evil" starts in the form of thought which then manifests as an emotional reaction and is then finally expressed as a malevolent action. Essentially, most human behavior is a direct result and response to thought.

What is thought?

It seems that, before one experiences a conscious thought, unconscious brain processes work behind the scenes to generate the thought. During this opaque process, unconscious representations and calculations seem to be involved. The great Hermann von Helmholtz referred to these behind-the-scenes processes as "unconscious inferences," and Wilhelm Wundt, the father of experimental psychology, referred to conscious thought as a high-level "apperception," because it involves more unconscious analyses and interpretations than does "normal perception," which, to him, could transpire unconsciously.


A thought occurs within a stream of consciousness or as a reaction to an external event in the environment, which can then manifest into words, behavior, and action. Thought flows through the stream of consciousness originating as described above through an opaque process from the unconscious or as a direct response to input from the senses. Thought is information that usually manifests in the form of words or images (past, present, or future) which can then induce an emotional response which then constitutes behavior, finally leading to an action.

The Exploitation of Human Consciousness

If thought is information that originates externally, then controlling external information will steer the stream of consciousness within the human mind. Today we call this advertising, marketing, or more recently, "influencing". Fabricating an external information based environment that has a very well defined narrative that is then absorbed by the unconscious mind, will dictate the flow of the inner stream of conscious thought. An information construct of ideas, beliefs, and coerced perception can then be used as a powerful and sophisticated tool to influence and incarcerate a species. This construct is often called The Matrix. Defining perceived reality through the flow of information, resulting in an artificially induced state of awareness. As long as a well controlled narrative is deployed, sustained, and normalized, the behavior and actions of humans can be controlled or at least substantially influenced despite how ridiculous, absurd, or divorced from reality the information flow may be. For example, putting on a mask and getting an injection when you are perfectly healthy. Or drinking poisonous Cool-Aid. Our mind can be used a weapon of war against us.

The Structure of Human Society

Historically it has always been Pharaohs or Kings with servants and slaves, Lords and serfs, or today's Corporate CEOs and employees aka "human resources" who drive the direction of society through the labor and productivity of their subjugated workforce. Information based constructs like governments, corporations, churches, hospitals, armies, nations, banks, religions, and most importantly Money, all exist ONLY in the mind of man. The deer, squirrels, butterfly, and geese are not aware of the existence of nations, borders, god, religion, or money. These creatures exist in the natural world in which they were born and live by natural means. Mankind on the other hand, is deeply entrenched within the existence of information based mental constructs and an eternal pursuit of technological development. Most will argue that this is due to our intelligence as we are a highly advanced technologically based civilization. So advanced, that unlike the rest of natural life on earth, we are destroying ourselves and our environment to a point where we are on the brink of planetary extinction. All these threats to our survival as a species are rooted and caused by information and technology. There is a monolithic technological imperative that drives the advancement of our species forward while at the same time perilously moving us closer to our own demise.

Is the Pursuit of Technology and our Proclivity Towards Self Destruction Natural?

The majority of the people on planet earth, who were born here, are equal heirs to the abundance this planet has to offer, are primarily diametrically opposed to Evil. If you asked anyone if they are evil, or support murder, destruction, environmental devastation, or overall misery like wars, bombings, starvation, homelessness, drug addiction, etc., unless they are George Soros, they will answer unequivocally NO! Yet it exists, dominates, and is facilitated through technology. Why?

Meet The Bug

Earth is a conquered colony ruled by a sophisticated non human insect or mantis like intelligence. This intelligence has fabricated a matrix of artificial informational constructs that enslave us. Information that infects, infests, and spreads throughout the consciousness of the human population. This sophisticated Command and Control mind apparatus is dependent on a powerful belief construct called Money. Everything is controlled through the belief in money. A belief is an inserted filter that distorts reality and exists within the informational construct of influenced thought and the flow of consciousness. Nothing can be implemented or accomplished in reality without money. Although we are the natural inheritors of this wonderful gift called life on this wonderful creation called earth, the place we were born, we believe that in order to live we MUST seek and obtain money. We can not eat, drink, find shelter, travel, or enjoy life unless we collect and exchange money. Money is THE unnatural resource. The very existence of governments and nations are dependent on money. They can not exist without it. Money is how the bug controls us all. Money seeds and steers the direction of ALL technology, which in turn steers the direction of human society. Money is the keystone. If it were to be removed, the entire slave system would collapse. This is something the bug doesn't want, the human servants of the bug don't want, and most of the human population unwittingly doesn't want. A collapse in the belief in money will collapse the entire house of cards. The entire information based false construct that enslaves us all will fall and the liberation of our species would commence.

But the root of all these evils is the love of money, and there are some who have desired it and have erred from the faith and have brought themselves many miseries.

1 Tim 6:10

Talking about ending the existence of money is something that will make most people very uncomfortable. It is considered absurd and as close to blasphemy as anyone can get in modern society. It is perfectly acceptable for an atheist not to acknowledge a creator or architect of existence but to question the veracity of money is simply not tolerated. It is probably one of the most unacceptable thoughts to entertain. A concept that is immediately derided, mocked, scorned, and dismissed. Why is that? Because money makes the world go round. There is NOTHING more powerful than the human belief in money.

Sorry, I didn't mean to "Bug" you...