March 23rd 2022

Continuity of Civilization

It's on. They have started to melt the ice sheet in Antarctica. This marks the commencement of decades of planning to retrofit remnants of an advanced ancient civilization preserved under the ice to be used as an ark for the Continuity of Civilization to protect some from the coming Storm.

Most anticipate a major solar event will occur, likely a micronova. War, supply chain disruptions, injections, food shortages, nuclear power plant shutdowns, etc., are all part of a long term global end game to wind down society on the surface to preserve human civilization in what they are anticipating will be an extinction level event. What is coming is part of a 12 thousand year cycle that will mark the geophysical start of the next age. A Great Reset.

What is The Plan?

The plan is to whittle the population down to a manageable number around 500 million. That is the amount of people that can be sustained for the estimated duration to survive the coming cataclysm. Antarctica will be used as an ark for humanity who will then emerge after the Storm to rebuild civilization. Preserved deep beneath the ice are the remnants of an ancient and highly advanced civilization. Many speculate that Antarctica is the lost continent of Atlantis. This location is ideal since it is at the bottom of the planet and can provide the most protection from the catastrophic solar disruptions that will occur on the surface. Geoengineering an ice melt in Antarctica is now underway to facilitate the necessary logistics of transporting massive food stocks, supplies, and personnel into the "safety zone". This operation will move most of the worlds most valuable assets onto the continent to preserve them. These are logistics on a scale that is mind boggling.

The Great Culling

The injections are the first phase of this massive global operation. The goal is to cull the population via self selection. As these injections are still voluntary, people are unwittingly being given a choice to live or die. At least that's how the planners see it. The reason they need to cull the population ahead of the coming Storm is because massive amounts of food stocks are being diverted to long term storage. At the current population level this will cause mass starvation and complete civil unrest on the surface. A mass cull aka "less eaters" will help alleviate this problem. The nations that signed on to The Antarctic Treaty have all agreed to participate in this global operation now underway. They firmly believe there is no other alternative. So here we are with about 64.1% of the world population already injected. The injections have been engineered to slowly erode the immune system over time so it will appear that people are dying of natural causes. They need to withhold this Truth for as long as possible.

Ice Melt

The operation to melt the ice has already started. Antarctica is a HUGE continent and a geoengineering project of this magnitude will have noticeable consequences across the globe. So they have disseminated a covert influence campaign called Climate Change. As the weather becomes more extreme, the planet will start to cool down as ice melt starts to dump into the oceans. All this will be blamed on "Man Made Climate Change". Ironically, not being far from the Truth it will indeed be man made climate change causing a catastrophic global climate shift in the years to come. Geoengineering is currently being used to melt the ice of an entire continent!

Logistical Transport and Storage of Food Stocks, Fuel, and Materials

After enough ice has melted, infrastructure can more easily be erected to facilitate the sustained land, sea, and air movement of food, fuel, and essential materials onto the continent for long term storage. Lodging accommodations can be prepped, and life support systems fully installed and tested. Attempting to do this with infrastructure currently buried under two miles of ice is far too difficult so melting is the only option at this point. An operation like this costs trillions of dollars and requires massive resources.

The End Game

As to the final selection of who remains and who gets the Wonka Golden Ticket is unclear. Perhaps a lottery or perhaps they will use AI to make unbiased choices based on the available skills, age, experience, and knowledge necessary to rebuild human civilization. The high tech surveillance infrastructure like 5G that is now in place is a global control grid that will be used to track essential items, exploit AI logistical efficiency, and help control an agitated surface population after they learn the Truth. As our existing civilization winds down, there will be massive civil unrest and destruction by those left behind.

A Critical Miscalculation

I think those who have signed on to this covert operation have either been foolish to think it will work or have been cunningly deceived. I don't think they have taken into account the possibility that the Storm will not be as severe as anticipated. In my estimates, what is coming will be an intense global CAT 5 hurricane with massive damage but completely survivable. I guess the Military MO is to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. In this case, it was NOT the best decision to make, for what they have embarked upon is mass genocide and the intentional disruption and destabilization of earths weather systems. They are tinkering with things they shouldn't be. Driven by ignorance, this will result in very damaging unintended consequences. In my view, the planners have been played by an external non-human intelligence.

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts
Much PAIN but still time.
There is GOOD out there.
cOnduit CLOSING\ (bell sound)

Buckle Up Buttercup!

March 22nd 2022

Wag The Constitution

Well, it's another election year and there is a big budget production underway. There are a LOT of positions to fill and stupid politician actors to hire. This takes a LOT of money. Big budget movies involve serious logistics. In addition, there are Judges, law Enforcement, AG's, Governors, Election Officials, etc., to bribe and grease, hush money to dole out, media propaganda campaigns to launch, fluff articles to write, internet posts to censor, everyone has their hand out, and it costs a LOT of money. I estimate about 13.6 billion dollars worth.

Ukraine "Foreign Aid"

Since Ukraine has historically been the money laundering capitol of the world, US "foreign aid" generously flows into this giant money washing machine, then into the Vatican via the Red Cross, blessed by the pope who takes his cut, protected by the Swiss guard, deposited into Swiss bank accounts, transferred into the coffers of NGO's who then generously donate to U.S. election campaigns, pay Dominion "election services", and fund media influence campaigns. Criminal enterprises are costly. War in Ukraine is Big Business. Everyone needs to get paid in full. Unicorns and Rainbows for everyone. Life is good.

The Bait and Switch

Now this year is special because it is the year when those who inserted Biden and Harris into the White House as a temporary place holder, make their big move. The secret plan is to fabricate a Constitutional Crisis. Obama can't run again because he already used up his two terms and Hilary can't legitimately get elected because everyone hates her. This presented a unique problem, the good old fashion lie, cheat, and steal an election didn't work in 2016, so they had to come up with a dastardly plan to take back the White House. After consulting with movie producer Rober De Niro, and tech giant successor Tim Cook, a plan was hatched to stage the glorious return of our favorite villains. The plan was to steal the landslide victory from Trump, insert Biden and Harris for a short time until their utter inept failure will force a Constitutional Crisis. Biden is old and not Cognitively Capable Of Leading according to none other than Obama's White House doctor. So poor old child hair sniffing Creepy Uncle Joe will have to go via the 25th Amendment. That is just one option, you also have the Hunter laptop story rearing its ugly head once again as another. This is all being orchestrated behind the scenes by HRC and Hussein. There are multiple ways to torpedo a pedo (pun intended) out of the White House. There ARE ways to have him die, resign, or be removed from office.

The Twenty-fifth Amendment

...clarifies that the vice president becomes president if the president dies, resigns, or is removed from office, and establishes how a vacancy in the office of the vice president can be filled. It also provides for the temporary transfer of the president's powers and duties to the vice president, either on the initiative of the president alone or on the initiative of the vice president together with a majority of the president's cabinet. In either case, the vice president becomes acting president until the presidential powers and duties are returned to the president.


Madam President Kamala

So if Biden is removed from office, then that makes Kamala president. Since we are on the verge of the first female African American Supreme Court Nominee, who has a soft spot for child predators (we have to cut the old hair sniffing dog some slack), why not first female AND "black" (Jamaican & Indian) President? How wonderful is that? There is one small problem, Kamala is not an American Citizen. Yes, sadly Kamala too was set up to fail.

United States presidential line of succession

...if the vice president is also incapacitated, the powers and duties of the presidency pass to the speaker of the House of Representatives


Madam President Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would become President. Yes, you read that correctly. As much as I know Pelosi would LOVE to courageously lead our nation into the future, she too is subject to the real power behind the throne. So as acting president there would have to be extreme circumstances aka a Constitutional Crisis for her to appoint a president and vice president. In fact there would have to be a national crisis like a war and or economic collapse to establish the criteria to invoke COG (Continuity of Government). This would present the perfect opportunity for the triumphant return of HRC and Obama. Making their grand entrance, selflessly stepping up to Save a Nation in Peril.

Madam President Hillary

Who better qualified to save a nation on the precipice of disaster? If this sounds like a movie, it is! Directed by Robert De Niro. It's called Wag The Constitution and this big budget Pedowood production is now playing in a city state near you.

A Near Death Experience

March 16th 2022

Parachute Congress into Ukraine

Let's get every member of Congress into a uniform, on a plane, with a weapon in their hands, and parachute them into the hot zone so they can assist with their Ukraine War. Show us all how brave they are. Show us how committed they are. Then let's get their children to follow. Biden's son, Pelosi's son, Kerry's son, and Romney's son. It is time for the criminals in DC to get some skin in the game. The rancid worms that they are. Offspring of vipers. Show the world how courageous you all REALLY are.

Ready Lindsey?

Let's load them up into a C130 Military Transport and drop them into Kiev. Enough of this nonsense. It's time for these treasonous fools to be delivered into a pit of the fire of their own creation.

Bombs Away!

March 9th 2022

Biden's Nose

I can not for the life of me find a profile picture of Joe Biden after 2020.

Biden has a very distinct and pronounced nose. After 2020, there are no profile pictures showing his nose. Every reverse image search result is from 2020 or earlier. Nothing after 2020. The year in which I suspect he was replaced.

Go ahead and search for "Joe Biden profile Pictures 2022" and every resulting image will be from 2020 or earlier.

All recent profile pictures show him wearing a mask. Maybe I'm missing something...

I did find ONE image on google.

Who nose...

March 8th 2022

The Big Prize

While Ukraine is a transit country that supplies natural gas from Russia to Europe, it is also abundant in natural resources. It is estimated to hold 39 trillion cubic feet of proved natural gas reserves, making it the second largest known untapped gas reserves in Europe who is dependent on Russia as its primary provider making the EU the largest importer of natural gas in the world.

Ukraine has extremely rich and complementary mineral resources in high concentrations and close proximity to each other. The country has abundant reserves of coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, timber, and mercury...


Why Did Russia Invade Ukraine?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the war in Ukraine is about the control of natural resources and development profits. Putin claims Ukraine is part of Russia and Ukraine wants to join NATO.

It is very simple:

  1. Russia wants control of Ukraine
  2. Europe wants control of Ukraine

The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

Ukraine is the coveted prize. Everything else is a psyop, diversion, or disinfo campaign from BOTH sides. Nazi's and biolabs in Ukraine benefit Russia who can justify the incursion under the guise of a "humanitarian mission". The west on the other hand, after implementing a CIA/SAS run Color Revolution can claim Ukraine is fighting to preserve its "Democracy". Even though that democracy was installed by western intelligence via a Coup and stolen elections. Sound familiar? U.S. and Europe have worked covertly to subvert the Russian friendly government of Ukraine and install their own puppet government who then conveniently wants to join NATO. For decades there has been a covert intelligence battle between western intelligence and the Kremlin for control of Ukraine. Obama warned Trump, about Russia and after he took office, Trump and Russia were then demonized for four years. The intelligence community didn't want Trump to mess up this sweet Ukraine deal and went on the offense to protect decades of investment and kickback from Ukraine. There is just too much money at stake while U.S. energy sector pledges support for Ukraine. How magnanimous of them.

In 2013, Washington Post Mockingbird operative Carl Gershman wrote: Ukraine is the "biggest prize". Since Ukraine is rich in coal, iron ore, natural gas, manganese, salt, oil, graphite, sulfur, kaolin, titanium, nickel, magnesium, timber, mercury, lithium, wheat, maize and sunflower oil, I wonder what that "big prize" might be?

Oh, and there's a LOT more to this story...

March 3rd 2022

Putin's Soccer Ball

On July 16, 2018 Putin gave Trump a soccer ball.

What is the digital code displayed on the soccer ball?

Is it a Barcode?

If we only knew how to decode it...