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April 23rd 2022

The Black Star

(updated April 25th 2022)

There is an excellent interview with young researcher Matt LaCroix where he describes a dead star 50 billion miles from earth. This dead star is in a synchronous orbit in like a dance with our sun. Its orbital track is 26 thousand years, exactly the same as the great year of our entire solar system and earth with the precession of the equinox.

September 10, 1984 US News and World Report

Last year, the infrared astronomical satellite (IRAS), circling in a polar orbit 560 miles from the Earth, detected heat from an object about 50 billion miles away that is now the subject of intense speculation.

Some astronomers say the heat-emitting object is an unseen collapsed star or possibly a "brown dwarf"...


The Cosmic Dance

The theory is, we are in a binary solar system with at least one known remote planet 4.7 billion miles from earth orbiting a dead star. The tilt of the earth and other planets in our solar system is attributed to the gravitational affect of the orbit of this dead star and explains the movement of earths magnetic poles. It is in a 26 thousand year orbit. Half of 26 thousand years is 13 thousand years. This is when the orbits of these stars reach perihelion (point nearest to each other) which then triggers a cyclical global cataclysm and a civilization reset on earth. As the powerful orbit of this dead star approaches, it causes disruptions within our solar system and the sun. Solar system planetary climate change ensues and the sun starts to discharge energy, initiating The Great Storm as it works to maintain balance. These solar discharges are known as a micronova and we are in this cycle now.

The Preparation for Global Cataclysm

Civilization resets on earth have been known for some time and kept secret. NASA was established to collect data and carefully monitor these coming changes. Geoengineering, CERN, population reduction, and Continuity Of Civilization are all part of the ongoing global preparation for this coming Age changing event. This is The Great Reset. The ruling elite of earth are part of an ancient occult who have always known what is coming and have spared no expense to save themselves to ensure they are in the position to inherit and retain control of earth after this storm passes.

It is the only logical explanation for all the strange machinations we see occurring in the world today. A highly coordinated global preparation for an impending known cyclical cataclysm. Political insanity, wars, mass injections, supply chain shortages, the activity and mysteries in Antarctica and decades of geoengineering using aerosol spray dispersion into our skies. The minority of those in the know are conducting a massive global logistical operation to prepare portions of human civilization to survive what's coming and keep that knowledge to themselves. Today we are witnessing the winding down of society on earth's surface in order to prepare for the duration of this coming Storm. Food supplies are being diverted and stockpiled and environmental countermeasures increased in an attempt to offset the potential massive cataclysmic damage.

Is CERN Technology to Stabalize Earth's Poles?

CERN is the largest machine on earth, it can generate a magnetic field 100,000 times more powerful than that of Earth’s. It is technology that quite possibly has been installed as a countermeasure for earth's weakening magnetic field due to the approaching perihelion orbits of these binary stars. Built to mitigate what is coming using highly advanced technology.

Natural Resources in Antarctica

DECEMBER 8, 1954's by far the most valuable, important place left in the world for science. But more important than that, it has to do with the future of the nation and those to come after us.

It happens to be an untouched reservoir of natural resources. The bottom of the world will become important. Not only to us but to our allies.

In the future, I can see a time when it will be very, very important strategically.

It's the most peaceful place in the world.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd

Seven Year Surplus for the Seven Lean Years

DECEMBER 8, 1954

I think the human race can be helped by that [frozen food]. This was thought out by Dean Arnold...the great humanitarian. So you can store down in the Antarctic against the lean years, you wouldn't have any people in the world really starving if you did that. It can stay there forever.

We found enough coal within 180 miles of the South Pole in a great ridge of mountains not covered with snow. Enough to supply the whole world for quite a while...There's evidence of many other minerals, we're pretty sure there is oil...Where that coal is, gets 100 below zero in the winter. It was once tropical. So we think there's oil there...probably uranium there.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd

In Antarctica there is no decay, no rust, no dust, not even germs. Fruits, vegetables, meats, all good after 17 years. Byrd preaches that Antarctica may one day be the worlds store house to keep the seven year surplus for the seven lean years.

Home of the Breakaway

Antarctica is an ideal location for the break away civilization. A civilization that is hidden from the rest of the world within a mysterious continent, can develop technology with impunity, and has all the natural resources it needs to survive the coming Storm. The most strategic location on earth that can hit the ground running and reboot human civilization while still remaining in control of the planet.

The Black Sun Cult, a hidden hand that rules the world...

April 7th 2022

Breakaway Civilization

UFO researcher, Richard Dolan accurately coined the phrase Breakaway Civilization to describe a technologically advanced civilization who secretly co-inhabits planet earth unbeknownst to the surface population.

The term Breakaway Civilization was coined by Richard Dolan after his exhaustive and extensive research into his books UFOs and the National Security State Volumes 1 and 2. He came to the realization that the deep secretive black budget world had actually become a civilization on its own with its own exotic technology, a different view of the cosmos, our place in it, and a different version of Human history.


Pictured above is the cover of Dolan's book The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization. Don't let the continent on the cover of the book depicting North America mislead you. There is indeed a Breakaway Civilization hidden deep within a continent however, it is not tucked away in U.S. DUMBS, R&D Military Contractor Facilities like Lockheed Martin Skunk Works (Advanced Development Projects), or secret military bases like Area 51. It is instead located on the most secret, mysterious, and restricted continent on planet earth - Antarctica.

Under the Ice

On April 6th 2022 Juan O'Savin stated in an interview that the Breakaway Civilization is down in Antarctica and is under the ice.

Juan O'Savin's what going on under the ice.

Underneath the ice, you have huge lakes, you have rivers...melting a would look up and the top of the dome of the ice is a mile up.

Imagine being in one huge domed structure where the roof is a mile high...There would be no rainy days. No sunny days. It would be consistent weather year round. The ice has a glow to it....You have an area that is very stable environmentally.


The Missing Scientists

Back on October 3rd, 2017, Linda Moulton Howe interviewed a retired U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Flight Engineer who used the name "Brian" to protect his identity. He gives the account of a mission he was part of to install a remote camp near Marie Byrd Land and drop off a crew of 10-15 scientists. A week or two after dropping them off, McMurdo Station lost communication with the scientists. They had not checked in by radio. So his flight crew was sent back out to check on the scientists. When they arrived, the scientists were gone. Nowhere to be found. The crew returned back to McMurdo Station. A week after that, the scientists contacted McMurdo asking to be picked up. So Brian and the crew returned to the remote camp to pick them up. He said they all looked very scared. They were asked where they'd been and none of them would respond. They remained silent. He said they just sat there with blank stares. The scientists later boarded a special flight to Christchurch New Zealand.

What Did They See?

One can only speculate as to exactly what they saw but logically we can conclude that if there is indeed an advanced Breakaway Civilization located down under the ice, with rivers acting as entrances, then that is PRECISELY what they saw and WHO they encountered. I can only imagine the reaction of a group of canonical scientists witnessing an advanced industrialized civilization that is not known to exist. It would completely shatter their world view. Cognitive Dissonance would set in.

The German Women

Juan also mentions in 1942 Germany placed advertisements to recruit 42 thousand women to support German forces that were already set up in Antarctica. They never came back. That was 80 years ago!

What the Hell is Going on Down in Antarctica?

We are only just starting to scratch the surface of the deep mystery known as the Sleeping Giant. We need to start asking more questions and digging deeper into this bottomless mystery.


April 5th 2022

A Real UFO

On May 1st 2021, I photographed in high definition a real UFO. I posted ALL the images in high quality compressed JPG and original RAW formats HERE. All the dates, times, and technical info is included. The camera, lens, and hardware details are included as well.

I spent the last year reaching out to all the UFO researchers I respect and who I consider credible. I reached out to just about everyone in the alt researcher community I could think of. I have been met with utter silence. This is very disappointing. I even reached out to the governor of my state. Again, silence. The conclusion I have come to is that no one is really too interested in independently analyzing and forensically validating real UFO data. A sad but true fact.

So I am posting some of the images here for anyone who is interested in the UFO phenomena who would like to see actual images, taken on a real camera, by a real person, who doesn't work for the government. I myself have not seen UFO images of better quality.

I urge anyone who is genuinely interested in this amazing reality to look for yourself. Take some time, grab a chair and camera on a nice day, sit out in nature for a while, and study the sky. Look up with wonder and gratitude and you might be amazed at what you see. Be patient and tenacious. Have your camera ready and see for yourself what is up in our skies instead of waiting around for someone else to tell you if this phenomena is real or not.

Or you can rely on the high def detailed photos the pentagon releases.


April 2nd 2022


(Icebergs are Rapidly Melting)

On November 29th, 2008 an email with the From: address and a subject line written in Chinese which translates to Icebergs are rapidly dissolving was sitting in John Podesta's email account. There is no recipient shown. This was part of the Wikileaks Podesta email dump. The country code top-level domain for Taiwan is ".tw" so it looks like this email address is from Taiwan. Since it appears this email was never sent, it looks like the email account might have been shared and this unsent email was used as a clandestine way to communicate, as it never left the server. Someone with access logged into the account, left the To: address empty, dropped in the attachments, and left the email sitting on the server in the unsent folder for Podesta to then read. A somewhat sneaky way to communicate. Attached to the email were 23 JPG images (07 and 11 are missing) labeled Antarctica_[01-25].JPG.

The Giant Walls

Many of the images are striking and stunningly beautiful. A few are deserving of deeper scrutiny. Immediately, the image Antarctica_20.JPG stood out. There appears to be two giant walls at a right angle to each other or perhaps in parallel in what looks like some sort of seafaring entrance.

An Egyptian Painted City

Another image, Antarctica_16.JPG has what appears to be the remains of a city or port at the foot of a mountain. This image is a lot more difficult to make out but there are clearly level lines and right angles in what looks like a long pier for ships to dock. A large entrance into the mountain. Large black balls above on the hillside, in what appears to be an ancient painted city with various structures, statues, and dwellings nestled among green grass growing on the hillside. The image resolution is quite poor due to the distance however, the colors are unique and don't seem to fit in with the surrounding natural terrain.

Secret Email

You have to ask yourself, why would Podesta be getting a secret email in 2008 referencing the ice melt in Antarctica and among the attached pictures of penguins and icebergs are images that appear to show ancient structures being revealed by the ice melt? Is this more evidence the ice melt in Antarctica is part of an intentional geoengineering project attempting to obtain more access to an ancient civilization buried under the ice on this sleeping giant continent?

End of Secrets...