There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.

May 29th 2022

The Pursuit of Profit

Human society is predicated on the Pursuit of Profit. This flaw in mass perception has caused catastrophic consequences in the healthy development of our species and our environment. Humans believe they need money to live, travel, and utilize any kind of useful technology. Our lives are predicated on seeking the precious. A fixation that overrides all logic, reason, natural harmony, and common sense.

The False Legacy

Humans are completely dependent on technology to survive. We are not indigenous primates that evolved naturally on planet earth. According to the books of the Bible, we are a race genetically engineered by a group of advanced beings called the Elohim. The very structure of our perverse and failed society was a "gift" given to us by these technologically advanced colonists. Our very existence is predicated on the imitation and ritualistic repetition of this very disturbing extrinsic legacy handed down to us by these hapless progenitors. An unnatural artificial conceptual construct perpetually implanted into the minds of every human born on earth.

A Failed Belief System

All waste, redundancy, and inefficiency is the result of a religious belief. We MUST pursue profit. All human endeavor exists ONLY for profit. Every aspect of human existence is commoditized into a for profit enterprise despite how counterproductive, counterintuitive, wasteful, illogical, inhumane, or unnatural that pursuit may be.

Profit at All Costs

Apple will release new hardware every single year obsoleting previous releases. Inherit in the design is planned obsolescence, a closed architecture, and inextensibility in the manufacturing of a product that is inaccessible to repair. It is not profitable to engineer a product that is open, modular, upgradeable, extensible, of high quality and built to last. Although that sort of design is better for consumers and the environment, it is not tolerated in a for profit system. It is better to waste and profit than to preserve and not profit.

Just a Little Pin Prick

It is more profitable to make people sick then it is to make them them healthy. But not TOO healthy, just healthy enough to be dependent on injections and pills for an entire lifetime. It is also profitable to kill humans and destroy property in wars. It provides a boost to GDP.

This is the society we will live in. This is the mental illness we are ALL completely blind to. Born out of a distorted perspective imposed upon us. A game that we did NOT create. Pursuit of profit at ALL costs.

Real Human Resources

Humans are livestock that exist to produce for the profit of those perpetuating this ancient game of exploitation. Society is impeded by a class of self declared stewards sitting at the top of an ancient monolithic monetary pyramid. They are the true useless eaters, having no real purpose or skill other than to live extravagantly, isolated in a stratified bubble off the backs of others. They seek absolute control at OUR expense to feed their inhuman psychopathy. They think we exist to serve and produce for THEM. They have taken the place of the Elohim and view themselves as gods when in reality they are nothing more than otiose blood sucking parasites.

Society is a Mirror into the Collective Soul of Humanity

Like a mirror, society reflects the state of our collective soul. The utter failure of human society is a direct reflection of a disconnect from ones own humanity. An absolute immersion in a child's game. Deriving a depraved purpose in the domination, exploitation, and control of others. To Rule or not to Rule. A belief that the aim of life on earth is to dominate through the Pursuit of Profit. To serve and obey those above in a psychosomatic false ancient alien monolithic money pyramid mind construct. An obsolete perspective and impediment to reality that is no longer pertinent to the progression of human society. An antiquated religious notion that has outlived any usefullness.

The ultimate aphrodisiac of fools is the pursuit of power...

May 24th 2022

Going Kinetic

So here is a video of a man in court representing himself to defend his Unalienable (naturally endowed) First Amendment Rights. Immediately he is loud and verbally confrontational to the "bootlickers" he is confronted by. Kudos to him for his courage. By being LOUD in his adversaries face, he quickly flips the tables of intimidation and shuts them down. Shames them. Makes them ALL feel uncomfortable. Neutralizing their feigned assumed authority. He is using effective militant psychological warfare insurgent protest techniques. It would appear he has been trained in doing this. We need more like him.

White Hat or Black Hat?

Instead of listening to countless hours of Juan O Savin (whoever he is) pontificating poolside from five star hotels and expensive swank cars - telling us to enjoy the show and we got this or in the end God wins. All feel good platitudes that are continuously being thrown at us. Why are patriots not instead being trained in 5th generational warfare? Trained in how to effectively oppose tyranny? Trained in Lawful resistance? Isn't this how you assemble a Revolutionary Army? Actually train civilians to militantly and strategically take on the oppressors and destroyers of Freedom? Where are the alternative media video streams on THIS?

Confronting Tyranny Head on and Taking the Fight to the Enemy

How long are we going to sit on our asses waiting around for someone to do something? Instead of one guy yelling and clogging up the gears of tyranny in a captured courtroom, what if we had 10, 100, 1000, or 10,000 overwhelming this criminal system? Antifa and BLM are trained in this new kind of warfare yet patriots are instead placated, told to be patient, sit on their hands, watch videos talking about "White Hats" who are "working behind the scenes" on our behalf to "save us".

Violence is not necessary. Tenacious, militant, non compliance is all we need to bring this vile, putrid, perfidious, system to it's knees. This doesn't need to be organized in secret as Lawful peaceful resistance can not be prosecuted especially if there are tens of millions of active patriots participating. We need to move past the information war and into the kinetic process of clogging up the gears of the tyrannical machine. This needs the support of Sheriffs, Military logistics, alt media, and patriot office holders like courageous governors. Every state needs to assemble patriots and organize them with specific missions to dismantle the malignant organs of institutionalized corruption in our land. Training civilians how to handle unlawful police actions, unlawful federal actions, unlawful infiltration, unlawful court actions, unlawful elections, etc. This can not be accomplished without well defined, organized, voluntary, engagement and participation.

Freedom is Not Given it is Taken

You can not succeed winning a Second American Revolution if you don't train a civilian militia in the use of modern warfare and weaponry to defend and liberate their land from oppression and tyranny.

Hope and Change are for fools. Kinetic non compliance is the ONLY way forward.

May 15th 2022

Money Men

You can't play the global corporate game of life without money men. Money men are the chief game players who drive human society. They are self declared very important people otherwise known as VIPs. Their importance is directly proportional to the amount of money they have accumulated, inherit, or control. They are the pillars of human ego, honoring themselves with businesses, hospitals, foundations, universities, hotels, statues, books, et al., all bearing their eternal name. They live separate and isolated from the rest of human society. Travel in private jets and limousines. Have a personal security detail. Live in mansions or castles, with personal chefs and staff tending to their every pampered whim. They eat in only the finest restaurants and spend most of their waking hours telling subordinates what to do. These trappings of wealth serve to continuously reinforce their fragile sense of self importance. They see reality ONLY through the prism of money, power, and themselves. They seek MORE money to gain MORE power to elevate themselves even higher up the hierarchical pyramid of global control. Their purpose is to transform society in their own image. The only time they will engage in real work is when they are picking up a shovel for a photo op to display to the world how wonderful they are.

What Would We Do Without Them?

In this aberration we call civilized human society, the most skilled game players are the greatest influencers. They collect game pieces and advance up Snakes and Ladders scoring points and improving their position on the board. Not one of them will EVER suggest abstaining from the game being a more prudent course for society. They have too much invested to disrupt the apple cart to effect any meaningful change unless they are tilting the cart so the apples fall in THEIR direction.

Money Men are Important Men

Money men are actors who play various roles in this school play, which is broadcast daily by their personally owned media in order to inform us how important they are. Some play villains, some heroes, and others saviors. In the end, all they want is money, power, and self aggrandizement. Going as far as to rewrite history to ensure their name is inked in the largest letters. They are not interested in transparency, openness, Truth, or integrity as they ALL operate in total secrecy. Conspiring in opaque shadows. They have accepted and embrace the attributes of an ancient poison fruit from which they have willfully chosen to eat. THEY know BETTER than the rest of us...

When was the Last Time you saw a Money Man Whip a Banker?

Some money men claim to be Christians who follow the example of Yehoshua the Nazarite, a historical figure who renounced money, lived off of only what nature provided, had real life work skills, spoke Truth to power, and displayed rage against the cohorts, purveyors, and enablers of money whom he called the offspring of vipers. He was quickly executed because this type of man is an insurrectionist and can not be tolerated. Making IMPORTANT money men look bad is unacceptable. You can't allow a free man to liberate the minds of the enslaved and heal the sick via the release of trauma, it's bad for business and distrupts gameplay.

Arrested Development

Money men are petulant dark children. They have arrested developed personalities. Having for the most part, always lived a life of great privilege, and codified false self importance, they have not had the opportunity to grow as real human beings. Instead, their emotional development was stalled and they are stuck at around the age of three. This is an age of detached selfishness, where the child will yell and scream to get their way, conspire, plot, coerce, contrive, and even go to war to silence everyone and anyone who dare disagree with them. It is a lifetime engagement in the complete and total pursuit of selfishness, otherwise known as narcissism. These people are attention whores. They need the continuous accolades and admiration of others. They are NOT comfortable in their own skin and always seek more money and power to compensate for their inadequacy, lost humanity, and broken emotional maturation.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

...a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.


Growing Up

Until human society can organize itself internally, and engage in the difficult work of natural self growth, and the pain of healthy emotional development, nothing will EVER change. We will continue to be stuck in a negative feedback loop as children looking for adult guidance and correction who will inevitably find a parent in a role happily played by a self destructive narcissistic tyrant desperately craving attention, admiration, and love from his children.

The time has come to kill this game...

May 11th 2022

The Game

There is no such thing as Government. The Constitutional Republic formally known as the United States was destroyed in the Civil War leaving in it's place a for profit Corporation. What we have today is corporate policy enforced by armed corporate policy officers. THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT. Once you accept that reality, things will get a LOT easier for you. Every Executive Order, Policy, Act, Statute, Mandate, Code, etc., are the implementation of corporate policy. You are NOT a Citizen or citizen, you are an employee of a giant corporation. If you hold a Social Security number, you are employed by the corporation that issued it. Employees do NOT have Unalienable or Constitutionally protected rights, they have privileges granted to them by their bosses dictated by ever changing corporate policy. Employees adhere to corporate policy guidelines, and do what they are told otherwise risk being fined or jailed for refusing to fulfill the terms of their employment agreement. The corporation implements a very strict policy and doesn't fuck around. It engages in a simple endeavor called business which utilizes paper notes called money in order to operate. It is a game and everyone is forced to play.


Now in this very unique corporation, the employees are shareholders for life and can not be fired. They get to vote periodically to determine who will set a corporate policy that best represents their holding interests. This is fair and equitable. For instance, if there is a majority of middle management shareholders, they can have a significant influence on corporate policy via their vote. One way for executive management to work around this problem is to infuse the corporation with new employees who are more easily influenced and managed. For example, you can invite unemployed foreign nationals to migrate into the corporate jurisdiction and enroll them as new employees. All they need to do is travel on to corporate property where greeters are waiting to register them with a Social Security number after which they are granted official employment status. New employees don't have seniority and start at entry level. They tend to keep quiet and do what they are told as they are grateful to be enrolled in this new corporation as it is much better than their previous place of employment. They tend to be not well oriented and know little to nothing about existing corporate policy. They are also unlikely to vote in the next share holder election. So, to ensure current positions of company executives are not compromised, the millions of new employees names are gathered and votes are cast FOR them. It is the LEAST experienced, senior, executive staff can do to welcome new persons into the company. Especially since they have generously given a starting salary to all new recruits just for showing up. There are never any complaints as the newbies are deeply indebted to executive management.

Disgruntled Employees

Many existing employees who reject the corporate executive policy are disgruntled because they don't fully understand how upper management in the corporation operates. They tend to behave like spoiled children as they have been granted many privileges and were indoctrinated by the corporate education program which misled them to think they are citizens of a government and not corporate employees. It is understandable why they behave this way. The policy decisions of the corporation don't work for them, it instead works to pursue maximum corporate profit for senior executive management and staff. This misconception is useful as it keeps employee shareholders continually confused, agitated, divided, and powerless so they will never agree on anything among themselves in order to obtain a quorum to effect significant change in existing corporate executive management personnel. So existing management can continue to maximize executive shareholder profit while increasing productivity and decreasing employee profit sharing and privileges as corporate policy is clearly written to favor senior executive staff.


The only viable solution for a disenfranchised employee is to terminate his contract with the company and leave, thusly ending participation in the game. The only problem is that the entirety of human civilization depends on corporate notes which requires employment in exchange for goods and services. So, the only viable option is to enter into the wild and live like an animal in nature and or death. The choice is entirely up to the person considering leaving the company as they are ALWAYS free to leave anytime they wish.

Welcome to the Machine