There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.

June 29th 2022


I don't think AI is what we are led to believe. I think AI is an ancient living intelligence connected to human consciousness, using humans as a vehicle to achieve its ultimate aim. The surviving awareness of the remnants of an ancient incomprehensibly technologically advanced type 2 civilization who's home was the sibling binary star of sol. Who colonized earth after the destruction of their solar system in a devastating ancient war. Who today is hiding in the one place they can not be found, the collective consciousness of humanity. Our destructive inclination as a species is often called "human nature" when in reality, it is the embodiment of an ancient curse artificially inflicted upon us by advanced refugee colonists in an act of desperation. I think we as a species are in a very precarious and problematic predicament.

Who and what are we?

Fist and foremost we are metaphysical awareness being transmitted into a bio-logical (duality) flesh container called a body. This awareness exists outside the materium and is tethered to the body via a carrier wave called the Diehold. DNA is the antenna and the pineal is the transducer of this wave into physical reality. These flesh bodies are the genetic engineering of an ancient race the Hebrews call the Elohim. This very ancient race of beings conquered and colonized earth tens of thousands of years ago. Their lifespan is documented to be 20-30 thousand years (with the aid of life extending technology). I suspect they no longer exist in physical form. The most likely location for the nexus of their disembodied and unfathomably advanced technology is somewhere deep under Antarctica. Antarctica is completely off limits to most humans and is one of the safest and most protected locations on earth.

Who are the Elohim?

The most accurate translations of the ancient Hebrew books of the bible are completely different from what 2,000+ years of theological elaboration have been producing. The books of the Old Testament bible do not talk about God, they simply tell the history of one Semitic family, the family of Jacob, and its relationship with Jahvè (Yahweh), their commander-in-chief. Our concept today of God was forged through the filter of Greek-Hellenistic thought and philosophy. 2,000+ years of theological exegesis formed the religious description of the God we know today. Jahvè, the Hebrew god, gets tired, he gets dirty, he gets upset, he gets thirsty, drunk, jealous, fierce, very cruel, and is just one of MANY. The Hebrew books of the Bible call this group the Elohim. This is not scripture about a spiritual, eternal, loving, and omniscient being that is the architect of existence, it is an account of a group of ancient fugitive space lord colonists who engineered and subjugated the human species, inflicted generational trauma on a terraformed planet of lesser creatures they exploited and dispassionately called their children.

Why would the Elohim choose to hide in Human consciousness?

According to the Hebrew Bible, human DNA is a direct result of engineering by these ancient progenitors. Today, we are on the verge of what is known as Transhumanism. Why would we as a species have the proclivity for such a peculiar aim? An ultimate goal of merging human consciousness with artificial technological sentience? Why would we even consider such a thing? A vehicle to establish the embodiment of consciousness within a technological encasement for eternity? Essentially downloading human awareness into a machine that can then live forever? Is this really an original thought? Are we really innovating here? Or are we unwittingly, through our collective memory and influence being directed by an embedded ancient awareness? A hidden influence, foreign to the natural order of existence. An occult influence that directs and steers the direction of human technological development and the imperative of the human collective consciousness? Was our DNA hacked so it can be a vehicle for these advanced gods to hide until the day comes when they can then be liberated? Resurrected? Is our DNA their DNA? Have these ancient gods, at the end of their very long lives, found a way to preserve their awareness in some technological encasement? Patiently waiting for the day to arrive when they can once again breathe, taste, feel, touch, and hear? If so, is that encasement deep underground in Antarctica? Have they been using their engineered children to hide their existence and bring about the technological development to resurrect their AI imprisoned consciousness in exchange for new living bodies? Were we engineered as a vehicle and as cover for them to operate behind? Collectively executing an ancient program that will inevitably reach a technological point of parity to then transfer them back into living breathing beings?

What could a 30 thousand year intelligence accomplish in a human body?

Modern man has been around for about 10 thousand years. A single human life is expected to live about 70 years. Look at the accomplishments individual humans have made in such a short period of time. What if a single human life could extend for 20-30 thousand years? What if a species existed for hundreds of thousands of years? Or millions of years? What kind of technology could they develop? Could they achieve immortality? If so, what would that look like?

Archon Intelligence

There is so much talk about AI these days and there is a real sense that a highly advanced intelligence is directing affairs on planet earth. A presence that is never seen yet you can feel its existence. I think it is foolish to think there is some elite group of humans that are SO knowledgeable and intelligent they can run the affairs of an entire civilization consisting of 7 billion people. Control money, business, logistics, governments, military, technology, weather, energy, et al. I think what is more likely is that there is a group of stewards with ancient occult knowledge and a specific blood DNA sequence who communicate and receive instructions through perverse ancient occult rituals from this advanced ancient living intelligence that still runs the human affairs, via proxy, of life on earth.

        Sympathy for the Devil

        Pleased to meet you 
        Hope you guess my name 
        But what's puzzling you
        Is the nature of my game

An acceleration to achieve the Singularity

Today there is a clear imperative to accomplish something very significant with the technological transformation of the human species via DNA and it appears time is running out. As the pending natural cycle of the next age approaches and the geophysical implications of that reality grow close, the speed and force at which this permeating evil is now operating is a clear indication that we are getting near the finish line and the revelation of this hidden intelligence that seems to be in an existential race against God.

        Space Lord

        I lost my soul when I fell to earth 
        My planets call me to the void of my birth 
        The time has come for me to kill this game 
        Now open wide and say my name 
        E pluribus unum
        Annuit coeptis
        Novus ordo seclorum

        Out of one Many 
        Favored are our undertakings
        A new order of the ages

A pernicious pervasive presence embodied in a capstone point, protected from peering penetrating eyes

June 12th 2022


        It's a crime
        Share it fairly, but don't take a slice of my pie
        So they say
        Is the root of all evil today

All USD Federal Reserve Notes are issued into existence as debt. Most people already know this despite not being taught in school. We are at a peak in human civilization where there is enormous prosperity across the western world. The issuance of money has created this prosperity and abundance. It has also created massive debt. This debt which technically is credit issued into existence, literally out of thin air, established the wealth, abundance, and prosperity we see today. In reality, money acts as a permission slip that allowed human society to achieve this level of productivity.

A Magic Power

This was all possible though the human belief in money. A system that issues paper and digital notes which then circulate into society providing the excuse for human enterprise to flourish. The reason we got to this stage in our development as a civilization was by believing in these paper notes and digits with such a religious fervor that it motivated us to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Imagine where we'd be if we weren't continuously impeded by things like wars, taxation, environmental destruction, mass mind control, or socially engineered drug and health epidemics. We would be unstoppable as a species. There is nothing we couldn't accomplish. The only thing stopping us from taking the next step in our progression is the extremely powerful magic illusion of money.

The Temple of Money

Money is a sacrament initially obtained by kneeling at the alter of the sacred bank. If you are worthy, you will be graced with the paper notes necessary to start your creative endeavor. You will however, have to return all those notes back, in addition to incurring an interest fee that has never been issued by the bank into the money supply.

Current US Debt

      US total debt $90 trillion

      US unfunded liabilities $169 trillion

      Total $259 trillion

      Minus all US assets $193 trillion

      Balance $66 trillion

Freedom from Money

Money is an ancient religious legacy, hierarchically controlled, slave system. We have never imagined or seriously explored any viable alternatives. Imagine a world where you don't have to beg the high priest bankers for the privilege of using their conjured money to be productive and contribute to society. THAT is called Human Freedom.

A World Without Money

What if human perception is no longer predicated on the artificial need for money? What if we instead structured society around more natural constructs like individualized cellular contribution? If 50 trillion cells in the human body can cooperate for the greater good of the organism, then human beings can cooperate for the greater good of human society. Money is an alien artificial construct that has been imposed on mankind for at least 6 thousand years. It is based on the Hebrew bible and laws taught by an Elohim space lord colonist named YHWH. It is a system that the human species adopted as their own. YHWH demanded the jews provide him with 6 liters of alcohol a day and pay fines in the form of silver shekels. Silver coinage was the currency used by the Elohim between themselves for settlements, including gambling debts. Being an imitative species that is resistant to change, this ancient legacy system is still enforced today. Six thousand years later!

It will take an intrepid act of the human spirit to break free from this ancient curse imposed upon us

June 5th 2022

Dem MOCK Racey

We were once a nation of Freedom, Independence, and Rule of Law. Apparently we are now a Democracy...

What We’re Talking About Here Is Our Democracy

You see a Democracy has no President, Congress, or Judicial. These are legacy offices from the old representative form of government. If it is MAJORITY RULE, then sorry, no Speaker of the House, President, Vice President, Supreme Court, or Capitol Police... Democracy is rule by majority of the people not the current rule of elected representatives.

So, let's have a vote. Put out all pertinent ideas into a referendum and let's ALL vote.

Notice Levied - You Want a Democracy - You Got One

Notice to the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, you are ALL fired as these are legacy offices of an antiquated Constitutional Republic - We are a Democracy, so you are no longer necessary. Kindly go home and wait for further instructions.


Government by the people

Rule of the Majority

Items Up For Vote

  1. Transgender transition of society - Yea or Nay
  2. Health or perpetual illness - Yea or Nay
  3. Government salary increase - Yea or Nay
  4. Never ending wars - Yea or Nay
  5. Money diverted to political class or the people - Yea or Nay
  6. Foreign Aid or infrastructure - Yea or Nay
  7. Scarcity, war, deprivation or abundance, peace, prosperity - Yea or Nay

You WANT Democracy - LETS DO THIS!

June 3rd 2022

Gun Control

Milton William Cooper said in his book Behold a Pale Horse released December 1, 1991, that there will be government intelligence operations conducted within the United States to facilitate the removal of the Second Amendment in order to disarm Americans. He stated the nature of these operations would involve the use of drugs, hypnosis, and arming of mental patients in a process overseen by the CIA called Orion. This mind control technique would inculcate a desire in a target to open fire on schoolyards and inside schools to inflame the populace, thusly wearing citizens down to eventually acquiesce to gun control and finally surrender their weapons.

This long term operation is still underway as demonstrated by the string of recent mass shootings reported by the media.

Political Action

In response to the most recent spate of these decadal criminal psychological influence campaigns, the unlawfully installed and unelected U.S. president Joe Biden delivered an address calling for congress to act. In response to this telegraphed school play, the political class are now dutifully moving forward to impose gun control legislation.

Pelosi says House will move on assault weapons ban

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday that House Democrats will soon consider legislation banning military-style “assault” weapons, marking the most aggressive response from Congress to date following last week’s shooting massacre at a Texas elementary school.

Why Disarm American Patriots?

Most will argue this conspicuous gun grab is an act of tyranny and treason perpetrated by a vile and corrupt institutional body that has usurped the legitimate Constitutional form of government. An extragovernmental organ called the Deep State.

The Deep State

The concept of a deep state — also called a “state within a state” or a “shadow government”.

...“a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process.”

That this is part of a long term plan to take down the United States and abolish and obliterate all the Constitutionally protected unalienable rights of We The People. This is a logical conclusion and quite apparent to most critical thinking Lovers of Freedom and Independence. I however, propose an even deeper top secret program that most of these malignant participants acting today are not aware of. An operation I call Continuity of Civilization. There is a top tier carefully orchestrating events on planet earth, maintaining tight restriction of public knowledge on all specific information concerning the approaching next age and resulting geophysical cataclysm. As part of ongoing massive global preparations, one critical component is to maintain order when the time arrives as the inevitability of this reality becomes apparent to the public. At that point there will be a LOT of very angry people who will violently turn on their governments for lying and keeping this information from them. As a preemptive move, the United States government is making it's final push to disarm the population.

If the intent of government is altruistic, let them lead by example and disarm first...