There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.

July 28th 2022

Who Are "They"?

We often hear the word they to identify the "The Dark Ones", "The Cabal", "The Evil Ones", "The Top of the Pyramid", etc., to describe a small group controlling the world. Our language is not very precise. It seems no one has been able to properly identify and locate who or what is influencing and controlling human affairs on earth. Who is deploying 5G to control us, conducting a mass cull with injections, stealing all our wealth and using it against us, starting wars, running government, deploying a nanny surveillance state, disrupting the supply chain, hating mankind so much they want you dead? Who exactly are THEY? It seems they come and go and are not a static group.

Some Have Listed Who "They" Are

  1. Klaus Schwab
  2. Yuval Noah Harari
  3. Rothschild's and the 13 bloodline families
  4. Barack Hussein Obama
  5. The Jews
  6. The Khazarian Mafia
  7. The Masons
  8. The Bush Family
  9. Joe Biden
  10. Nancy Pelosi
  11. The Royal Family
  12. The WEF
  13. George Soros
  14. Bill Gates
  15. Jeff Bezos
  16. Anthony Fauci
  17. The Rockefeller's
  18. The Clinton's
  19. The Vatican
  20. The CCP
  21. The Fed
  22. Leftists
  23. Democrats
  24. Republicans
  25. The Government
  26. The Deep State
  27. Israel
  28. Nazis
  29. Etc

The list goes on and on. Dr David Martin posted a video called Who THEY Are: The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity listing who HE thinks they are.

What Causes Them to Do the Things They Do?

Last I checked, these are all human beings. As George Carlin said - They didn't fall out of a membrane from another reality. Is anyone from this list truly capable of controlling the entire world? Are they capable of orchestrating the events we see systematically unfolding in the world today? We know they have resources, money, advanced technology, intelligence agencies, the leverage of entire governments, military, etc., working for them. How is this possible? Most think that they are part of a large criminal enterprise, they work in "Lock Step" together to protect each other and achieve their aims. That most are really puppets and order takers of a top down, hierarchical, monolithic, global command structure.

So Who then is Their Commander?

Most speculate that at the very top of the pyramid, is an unknown group. Some speculate that this group is non human or perhaps even of extraterrestrial origin. Far more intelligent than humans and their human minions on earth are a proxy to execute their occult agenda to facilitate the total domination, conquest of earth, and subjugation of mankind.

Know Your Enemy

If we don't know exactly who or what our enemy is, then how can we resist them? If there is a group of people, extraterrestrials, or extra-dimensional entities, or even AI, how can we possibly repel something that is hidden from us? How do you fight an invisible enemy?

Because not is to us the wrestling against blood and flesh but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of the darkness this, against the spiritual [forces] of evil in the heavenly realms.

—Ephesians 6:12

If this raw quote from the New Testament is true, then who or what exactly are the rulers of darkness? A territory or jurisdiction is ruled by an authority. This seems to be referring to an Authority hidden in Darkness - the Devil, Satan. If so, where is this adversary today? Is there some spiritual group or force that infiltrates human consciousness through temptation and deception? How exactly does that work? What are the mechanics to accomplish this? Do they just somehow whisper into our mind? The devil made me do it! Who or what are the cosmic powers of the darkness? In today's language that would mean some sort of harmful advanced space technology.

Is Satan Really Just Some Nebulous Evil Spirit?

Or is this accomplished by his demons? You can see how this is all very confusing and confounding. It's no wonder humans can't get a grip on the nature of evil as no one has any real idea how evil originates in our reality. How did any of the humans listed above get so "evil"? Were they infected? Is it in their DNA? Are they part of a mixed bloodline of Elohim and human? Are they mongrel descendants of Cain? Are they deceived? Were they seduced by wealth and power? Does this explain their propensity towards psychopathy? Their selfish compulsion to inflict harm and seek the control of others? Are they just children obeying their dark father? Or is there a real being alive somewhere on earth (or below it) who is a living adversary of mankind? Hiding, influencing, commanding, exploiting, and outmaneuvering the human species for thousands of years, getting them to harm and destroy each other? Why would it or they do this? For what purpose? Or is the cosmic powers of the darkness ancient AI still in earth orbit to this day? A program that inserts itself into the human consciousness stream which provides a trap for the takers?

Free Will and a Decision to Do Good

It would seem, not everyone is evil though. Most of us are somewhere between Saint and Sinner. We have caused harm in our lives and harm has been caused to us. It would appear most of us have the free will to make the choices necessary to steer the direction and path we take in life. It would also appear that at any point we can change and begin making better choices. It seems the legacy systems we are born into are really not controlled by humans, although humans animate these institutions making them appear real. It is clear these ancient institutions are weighed against us and that strength and fortitude are required to resist the oppressive normalization of perverted human society where weakness is rewarded. There also appears however, to always be an option out, although usually a difficult one. We are certainly capable of resisting "evil", we are capable of making right choices. We DO have the strength within us to resist evil and temptation as good and evil is present within each and every one of us. It is our individual choice which results in the outcome of our life. Just as there are sweet rewards for falling to temptation, there are rewards that come from doing good as well. The division we see in the world is a reflection of the division inside each and every one of us.

The road to Peace is a journey made within...

July 27th 2022

Is "god" kicking the tires?

Is the Elohim Elyon kicking the tires on the genetic experiment known as the human species? Watching over time, allowing this engineered mongrel progeny develop naturally with a Satan (adversary) Elohim called Yahweh living among and ruling over them?

The enemy who sowed them is Satan, but the harvest is the end of the world and the reapers are the Angels

—Matthew 13:39

The Father of Cain

If an Elohim raped an original human called Eve who then gave birth to a hybrid child named Cain and there was a rebellion among the Elohim and the punishment for this rebellion, this aberration, this unthinkable act was to be permanently stranded or "cast down" on earth, marooned to live among the creatures they have sired. A lesson for the criminal Elohim and also a field test for the engineered human amalgamation. A proof that the humans will eventually look to their father in heaven (the sky) instead of the Elohim biological progenitor who rules them on earth. To eventually surpass their fallen superiors - "gods" - and permitted to naturally evolve to a point where there will be a final separation of this mongrel species and a "harvest" of the "wheat" from this experiment.

Let both grow together until the harvest and in the time of the harvest, I shall say to the reapers, "Select out the tares first and bind them into bundles to burn, but gather the wheat to my granary."

—Matthew 13:30

The Great Separation

Are we in the time now when there is a separation of the human species? Where mature and developed "fruit" will be harvested by "Angels" (messengers, guardians, monitors, executors of the orders of the Elohim) and allowed to continue on a natural evolution while the rest will be discarded? Almost seems like the world of man right now. As the next geophysical age approaches (the end of the world), the Elohim in the sky are ready to move on to the next stage of the development of their genetically engineered children - Liberation.

Distinguished perhaps by sorting synthetic vs natural DNA...

July 26th 2022

Who or What is Satan?

Satan (שָׂטָן) in Hebrew means "adversary" or "public accuser". This term does not indicate a Spirit of Evil, Lord of Demons, or Prince of Darkness. It stands for a temporary position that had to be filled and in some cases was filled by Yahweh himself. The role of Satan could be occupied by one of the Elohim or the Malachim (messengers of the Elohim), or even by a human. The role of Satan is a temporary social one. Today we would call it a public prosecutor. Satan also has no connection to Lucifer. The Lucifer of the book of Isaiah was a Babylonian sovereign and enemy of the Jews. Satan is also not connected to the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

Who did Yehoshua Encounter in the Desert?

Yehoshua encountered in this case Satan, defined in Greek as "diabolos" meaning "back biter" or accuser. Yehoshua was an Adamite decedent who's father was an Elohim (divine conception). The Satan who showed up in the desert was one of the Elohim and a rival of his father who had sent Yehoshua to carry out his mission on earth. Yehoshua was always looking up, talking to his father in heaven (the sky) and receiving instructions on how to proceed.

In his encounter with this Elohim accuser, Yehoshua told him - "You come behind me". A clear affirmation that the lineage of the true inheritance of earth was established by Elohim Law or planetary Treaty. It appears this was a territorial claim dispute for earth. This Elohim had no Lawful right to rule earth as it would seem the planet was intended to be the inheritance of the Adamites.

Then Who was the Serpent?

The "serpent" was one of the Elohim who belonged to the faction of those who were hostile to or an enemy of the Elohim who ruled in "Gan Eden". The sexual act performed by Eve, which may have been rape by the "serpent", resulted in the birth of Cain. The Elohim who had engineered Adam and Eve were worried that the birth of a mongrel hybrid species was unethical and posed an unmanageable threat to the colony for violating Elohim Law. In other words, events were starting to get out of control on the earth colony.

The term snake has a meaning - "possessor of knowledge" and the serpent can be used as a symbol of the double helix DNA we see on the tree and in the ancient symbol of the Caduceus. The Elohim were geneticists and perhaps one of them went rogue and wanted to see what would happen if you crossed human DNA with Elohim. Or if there was sexual compatibility between the species. The coiled snake wrapped around the tree also represents Kundalini awakening .

The Conqueror of Earth

It would appear that the Elohim in the sky are from another kingdom (planet). Earth is a colonized territory and an unlawful claim of an adversarial Elohim rebellion that went to war with other Elohim present at the time, who killed off their enemies or drove them off planet. Apparently after this victory, their commander claimed earth, the genetically engineered humans, and mongrel offspring of the Elohim as his domain. As a result of this siege warfare and conquest, he implemented a campaign destroying all knowledge and records of other Elohim kings and rulers. Unifying the planet in his name and he as the ONE true god (king). The name of this Elohim conqueror is Yahweh. All his enemies were demonized and erased. He was a mass exterminator and destroyer. A self proclaimed ruler of earth. A cosmic criminal.

The Prison Planet

It is interesting that no Elohim have returned to confront this criminal directly. That a hybrid human child, whose mother was a descendant of David, who was a descendant of Adam, and whose father was an Elohim was sent as emissary. Is there some advanced technological barrier around the planet preventing life from getting in or out? Are these criminals imprisoned here on earth or is earth a fortress protecting them? Does this criminal Elohim commander still exist today? This is still a mystery.

Maybe we can call this particular adversary Satan...

July 24th 2022


According to the Hebrew books of the bible, there were 20 Elohim identified present on earth in the ancient texts. Elohim is plural for those who came down from the heavens (sky). Elyon is a singular of Elohim. The first Hebrew letter in this word depicts an eye and the second depicts a shepherds staff. Elyon means he who is higher than the other Elohim. He sees all and is in control. Elyon divided the people of earth and defined the boundaries of nations based on the number of children of the Elohim. Earths structure of human society was installed by Elyon. This structure is still intact today.

The Black Knight Satellite

There is a lot of speculation about a satellite of unknown origin orbiting earth called the Black Knight. If true, I assert this anomalous object is VERY ancient, supremely advanced, and of artificial intelligence (AI). This object was programmed to monitor and manage earth.

After the Elohim who colonized earth, upon their departure to secure their territory, left this satellite to monitor and protect their claim. The Black Knight satellite is in a polar orbit of earth. It is an ancient eye in the sky keeping a careful watch on the development of the planet and the genetically engineered children below on the surface.


There is a lot of speculation that the NASA International Space Station is a hoax and there is a LOT of compelling data to back up that claim however, I think this is simply a decoy. A counter intelligence psychological operation to confuse the public. It is a dangle to create a sideshow to divert attention away from the real mission - to observe and study the Black Knight satellite. This is a common practice in counterintelligence. Another good example is the JFK assassination. Was he killed from a shot from the book depository or the grassy knoll? When in reality his death was faked using a Hollywood movie blood squib. He never died. Having a controlled official narrative AND a false conspiracy narrative, keeps eyes diverted from the Truth. It is a very effective technique. NASA, the government, and the military are instead secretly studying this mysterious object protected from public scrutiny. Funds deferred from a bogus space program farce are instead diverted to the real clandestine shadow program.

The Monolith

I think that the eerie Monolith depicted in 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick, revealed to us the existence of the Black Knight satellite in a clever and stealthy way. The plot of the movie was about an Alien Monolith and an Artificial Intelligence called HAL, depicted as a technological Eye. This could have been a wink and a nod as to the presence and purpose of the Black Knight. I think Kubrick used the inverted rectangular movie screen like object to depict the concept of watching or viewing. We watch or view a movie screen. This monolith is an alien watcher in polor orbit observing us. Continuously scanning the surface of the earth monitoring progress and development.

Earth is Managed by Alien AI

So, the eerie sense we get that there is some non-human intelligence "at the top" of the pyramid running human affairs on earth is not far from the truth. This Black Knight satellite is managing earth and human civilization from heaven (orbit). I assert this object has the capability to broadcast signals and instructions to the specifically engineered human DNA of Elohim descendants using them as receivers, altering thoughts and behavior thusly, managing affairs on earth via human proxy. A signal that injects itself into a human consciousness stream inserting program instructions into the receiver. These humans are agents of this extraterrestrial artificial intelligence. Not unlike the Matrix. Some call these agents Demons or Archons. These agents can move freely from one body to another establishing a temporarily presence when necessary in the awareness of a local host. This is technology we simply do not understand. I suspect however, a great deal of occult knowledge is somehow connected to interfacing with this ancient instruction set. I also think there is a critical technological connection between the Black Knight satellite in orbit and advanced ancient structures buried in Antarctica.

This gives a whole new meaning to the "All Seeing Eye"...

July 22nd, 2022

Get Ready for Some Crazy Weather

The CERN Large Hedron Collider (LHC) is now fully operational and will be running continuously for the next four years. Yes, you heard that correctly - FOUR YEARS.

As 'Run 3' begins, CERN touts discovery of exotic particles

CERN scientists hailed a smooth start to what is expected to be nearly four years of operation in "Run 3"


I assert the CERN LHC machine will wreak havoc on global weather. The continuous operation of this mind-boggling massive man made machine is already disrupting earths natural weather patterns in conjointment with the decades of geoengineering. We also have Schumann Resonance registering off the charts. The Schumann is Boomin!

CERN of course denies all of this.

Large Hadron Collider Effect On Weather Patterns

One of the common suspicions is that the LHC, operating at such high energy, alters the weather patterns on earth. CERN explains that this isn’t possible. “The magnets at CERN have an electromagnetic field, which is contained with the magnets themselves and therefore cannot influence the Earth’s magnetic field, nor the weather,” CERN explains.

Of course, the worlds largest machine that generates an electromagnetic field 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field, consumes 13.6 trillion electronvolts, most likely focusing it's output inward towards the earths plasma core, can't possibly have any kind of negative effect on the environment or weather systems. Just like synthetic messenger RNA injections into the human bloodstream can't possibly have any negative side effect on health. Look, in my humble opinion, the real purpose behind the CERN LHC operation is top secret. I doubt any scientists working on the project have any clue as to it's true purpose. This is how clandestine operations work. Top secret projects are compartmentalized and duel use. A clever overt public project like the Search for the Higgs boson is used as a cover to mask the concealed intent of the operation.

Man Made Climate Change Cover Blown

So apparently, man made climate change is the next COVID like narrative that will be pushed for 3 or more years on CNN. On July 21st 2022, Project Veritas undercover caught on video a CNN technical director admitting the next big pandemic like story will be Man Made Climate Change. They will be pumping this narrative over the mainstream news lines for literally years to come. Man made climate change is being used as cover for CERN LHC operations and the effects this machine will have on earths weather will be catastrophic. They KNOW this. They are inducing REAL massive Climate Storms through its continuous operation and using their tightly controlled media propaganda organs to blame us.

What is the Real Purpose of CERN?

One can only speculate as to the real purpose of CERN LHC operations. If you start connecting these and other dots, it does all start to make sense. With 10 years to build and a cost of around $13 billion in total, you have to ask yourself, was a project this immense and costly built just to find an exotic atomic particle? Or is there more to this massive machine than meets the eye?

The mascot for CERN LHC is the half man, half woman, god Shiva depicting the "Cosmic Dance" of the Destroyer inside the wheel of the ages in an aureole of fire, creating wild thunderstorms, balanced on a demon of ignorance. Seems fitting that this strange statue is prominently placed outside the CERN facility depicting the eternal cycles of creation, preservation, and destruction.

As part of the Continuity of Civilization and the coming next geophysical cataclysm marking the entrance into the next age of the cycles of civilization on earth, I speculate this machine was built as an attempt to counteract or mitigate the catastrophic effects of the coming cyclical solar storm. It is part of an insurmountable earth moving and society changing mission to preserve our existing civilization. Do you think an attempted mass culling of the population, supply chain disruptions, food "shortages", nuclear power plant shutdowns, attempted civilian gun confiscations, etc., are all just random coincidences and not intelligently directed premeditation? They are moving critical supplies into long term storage that will eventually be transported to its final destination - Antarctica - The Ark of Human Civilization.

Brace for Impact...

June 20th 2022

How to Govern

The ultimate goal of human society is to be free and self governed. That can only be accomplished if mature and balanced individuals encompass the body of the human collective. First order of the day is to do whatever possible to help enable our coinhabitors here on earth to find their own personal path for healthy growth, peace, and individual sovereignty. Before that can be accomplished, prosperity and abundance are a priority. To achieve prosperity and abundance, the need for money needs to be eradicated from society. Money does not serve us, we serve it. It has gotten us this far but is no longer useful for us as a species as we move into the future together. Money is essentially a slave system of overlords and serfs. Have and have nots. Rulers and the ruled. I know this is a tough concept to swallow, however, this world is not of our making, it is a legacy system we have all inherited which has been imposed upon us. To move forward we must accept change and that change can only occur with the onset and acceptance of new ideas. A new vision for a future together in a world of OUR creation.

A New Government

The role of government needs to change from one of being a money creation and collection prison dictated by petulant tyrannical parasitic rulers to one of enabling mankind to pursue their own individual path. A system of Truth and Transparency whose very purpose is to help facilitate the direction of society towards one of independence, prosperity, and healthy inner growth. A mutual unification of ideas and a productive implementation towards a totally free and responsible society. Government today essentially acts as an authoritative abusive parent. We all need to let go of that relationship and work together towards creating the greatest and most prosperous society possible. Instead of farming humans for milk and slaughter, government can let go of its destructive grip and become the protector of Life, Freedom, and Prosperity. As these are the ingredients that make a great and productive society.

Something to Fight for

First, we must change the perspective of our lives and our role in society. We must accept the Truth - we are all born on this planet and it is our home. A home we ALL share. We are ALL responsible for our home. We need to Love and Respect our home and each other. This starts by respecting ourselves. We need to make a personal decision to start treating others as WE would like to be treated. We need to learn how to be independent, healthy, productive, and establish our own purpose. You don't necessarily need to know your purpose right now, as that is a life long progression and process of individual discovery. Just know that we all have one. We need to know that addiction, depression, disease, and the desire to cause harm are attributes of our current state of mind, soul, and spirit. We need to embark on an inward journey towards finding balance within ourselves. Most if not all of us are carrying water due to the baggage caused by the abuse and trauma of our past. We all need to earnestly seek to reconcile these inner wounds. Seek to heal these injuries with love and forgiveness. I know this sounds like flowery prose but it is the ONLY way forward. It all starts with forgiveness. We have to see the harm we have caused others, the harm that was caused to us, and the harm that was caused to those who have harmed us. It is an ancient chain of abuse that is actively destroying our lives and society today. This is the true nature of evil. Evil seeks to inflict the harm that has been inflicted upon us, on to others.

A Word Without Money

Step one in a practical implementation is to move away from fiat money and back to real money. Where the value of money INCREASES not decreases over time. If we take this simple step, in a few decades, this will lead to overwhelming planetary abundance. As part of this shift in world view, we must also make it the mission of every human on planet earth to care for one another and the planet we live on. Ensure that we are all taken care of and have equal opportunities to pursue our individual pursuit of happiness and prosperity. Business, instead of The Pursuit of Profit driven by greed, can embrace The Pursuit of Prosperity for the People. We need to move away from selfish materialism and back to a quality of enriched and meaningful life. If we make it a priority to gain knowledge, and develop our individual lives to achieve balance within, those individual achievements will manifest to the world without. When we seek the Truth and embrace Reality, we will learn that we all have what we need inside us to be happy, fruitful, and fulfilled. We wont need an external source to fill the hole we feel inside with addictive consumption. Technology will become a facilitator of good instead of a tool of totalitarianism. The attributes of imbalance and disconnection within ourselves are Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

We are All Connected to God

God is the source of creation and we are all connected to that source via a carrier wave, a connecting tether. God experiences the creation THROUGH all of us. We are part of this eternal energy. We need to seek to strengthen that connection we have within ourselves. Help each other instead of harming each other. There has been enough pain and suffering in the world. I think we have ALL learned our lesson. It's time to move on to bigger and better things. It's time we accept the Truth that we are all here together and are all capable of loving and caring for each other. It starts with our immediate family and branches outward. We need to help ourselves and help each other. There is no one out there to solve our problems for us. We need to grow up as a species, acknowledge that the future of our society is in the hands of each and every one of us.

With some courage, we will cast off the chains of our past and move into a future we create together

July 14th 2022

Evil Needs Attention

The most powerful thing any human can do, is to withdraw their attention from evil. Without attention, evil can not exist. For it craves attention. It desperately needs to divert your awareness away from the wonders of creation and towards itself. Evil is a selfish child. It will do whatever it takes to get your attention. When I say YOUR attention, I mean God's attention. Yes, the creators attention. The awareness of God flows through us. We are an extension of God's consciousness. That consciousness lives inside us. When we create, we glorify God. When we do good, we glorify God. When we Love, we glorify God. When we have Gratitude, we glorify God. Evil can not tolerate this. Evil want's your attention to be diverted away from God. It is very simple. We are dealing with attention wars. Evil works very hard to exploit God's creation. It wants to shove the flaws it finds in Gods face. It wants to expose imperfections in Gods creation. It feels that by doing this it will receive attention from God. It seeks to once again see the glory of the face of God. To once again be in the presence of the Light.

It is a very sad story. A story of falling from grace and becoming a destroyer of worlds. A rebellion against all that is inspiring and magnificent. An empty hole that seeks to be filled. Stuck in a materium prison separated from God for eternity.

The devil is a dark and angry child. Seeking redemption by impeding the very fabric of existence.

Misery loves company...

July 2nd 2022

Everyone Has a Job to Do

And most are NOT doing it. America has a long standing tacit agreement where we all contribute to society, working together to advance and enrich the lives of everyone. A pursuit of prosperity. A meaningful endeavor. We have organized ourselves in such a way that we imagine, create, innovate, think, design, produce, labor, communicate, defend, and deliver the necessary components to keep our collective enterprise operating. Working hard to keep the ship of American civilization moving forward. This all exists out of our collective vision and implementation of that vision as a unified whole. This unified whole is what we call America.

The Problem

The problem we face today is we are inundated with slackers, parasites, skimmers, and fraudsters. In other words, the useless eaters and worst among us have become tics deeply burrowed into the productive veins of our society and are killing the host. Most of these tics work for government. If your job, for which you are actually PAID to do, is to protect and defend a contract called the Constitution, then why aren't ANY of you doing it? It's YOUR job. It is YOUR responsibility. We are all doing OUR jobs, why aren't you doing YOURS? It appears everyone is passing the buck. If you are an agent or principal employed by We The People, and have taken an oath to Protect and Defend the Constitution, then why aren't you doing it? I presume because you think it's someone else's job. If you are a government employed private in the military, who's mission is to protect and defend the county and the people in it - your mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters; why aren't you doing it? Well, because you weren't ORDERED to do it. Why? Because your ranking superior was not ordered by his ranking superior and so on and so forth. So when we get to the top level of this chain of command, who do THEY answer to? Well, THEY answer to the Commander in Chief. So who does the commander in chief answer to? The American people. Are we just waiting for enough American people to demand that their employees actually DO THEIR JOB? Is it REALLY that simple? Or do we have a mutiny on our hands? Or has the entire crew been captured by pirates?

The Sinking Ship of State

Today, every institution that was established to uphold the framework of our society has collapsed through subversion and corruption. When this happens, society collapses with it. When military are not protecting and defending, law enforcement is not enforcing, the justice system is not upholding justice, the ship can not continue to sail and we can no longer move forward on our collective voyage into the future as Americans. If elected representatives are not representing, they are NOT doing their jobs. They need to be fired. If voting can't fire them because they are members of a criminal enterprise and cheated their way into office, then Law enforcement needs to do THEIR job, and bring them to justice. If all of these "offices" are occupied by treasonous subversives who refuse to actually do their job and uphold their oaths, and instead work diligently to protect each other, well then, we are in VERY DEEP SHIT folks. If most everyone is on the take and feverishly sucking life from the veins of the law biding, peaceful, productive part of our society and stealing their way into prosperity, leaving the rest of us in the dust, then when and where do we draw line? Who will ultimately be responsible for righting the ship and placing people with integrity back into these abandoned positions?

What happens when our culture itself has been so intensely subverted and moral degradation has overcome civilized life? Who are the few good men who will stand up and together start fixing these problems? How will they be fixed if the entire operation of state responsibility has been compromised and overcome by corruption and selfishness? How do you get a handle on a situation like this? Is this actually fixable or will it require some face slapping catastrophic natural event? How is bad fruit purged from the tree? Do we just wait until it rots and falls off? Or do we let the diseased tree die and start over?

A Well Oiled Machine

Our modern society functions as a well oiled machine. We are all dependent on one anther. We employ a crew of people called government to facilitate the day to day operations of this ship of state to ensure the mechanics of society run as smoothly as possible. When the crew stops doing their job, they hold the passengers hostage by abusing the powers and responsibility they have been entrusted with. They have violated their oath. Broken the agreement they have with themselves and the nation of people they live with. I really don't see how this can end well. What is it going to take to get these abandoned posts back on line and functioning again? Is it just a matter of leadership? Or will it take a lot of pain and suffering to once again learn that age old lesson of Freedom?

I pray the tree of Liberty wont need to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants once more...