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August 30th 2022

Financial Decree by Holy See

Pope Francis has instructed Vatican entities to move all funds to the Vatican bank by September 30th. This is cover for laundering money sent to Ukraine to use as a criminal slush fund for US and EU countries to ensure the 2018 midterm elections are in the bag. A rather costly endeavor. It is expensive to steal elections these days especially when you are going to execute an elaborate false flag like a dirty bomb to ensure another successful mail-in voting scam or cancel the election altogether via "Constitutional Crisis". Media coverage for this alone costs a fortune.

Vatican Bank Money Laundering

The US and EU countries have all magnanimously contributed tax payer funding towards poor war torn Ukraine. A country known to be the money laundering hub of the world. So the question is, once the money is sent there how does it make its way back into the US undetected so it can be used to fund the next election theft? Easy, move the funds into the Vatican Bank using financial decree by Holy See as cover. This way suspicion wont be raised when by September 30th 50 Billion dollars magically makes its way onto the Institute for Works of Religion balance sheet. Once the money is there, it can then be transferred via Swiss Guard using Vatican Bearer Bonds to deposit into anonymous Swiss bank accounts where it can then disappear. Only to reappear as campaign contributions, media adds, black ops logistics funding, hush money, bribes, newly installed electronic election backdoors and algorithms, and payroll bonuses for the LGBTQIA+ Rainbow Fight Club poll workers and NGO herded mules on the ground. This is a huge operation and it is EXTREMELY expensive.

Is the Vatican key to US election theft?

Is the Pope Catholic?

August 26th 2022

Dirty Bomb

The Next likely election year false flag is a dirty bomb. It is the perfect deception. Just like COVID, it is silent, invisible, you don't know if you've been affected until you take a government approved test. Government controlls ALL the information. Quarantine is necessary, so get your iodine sanitized ballots ready to mail out assuming the election is not canceled.

Stay Inside. Stay Tuned...

August 11th 2022

CERN Death Blossom

CERN is a dual use top secret operation hidden in plain sight. Many of us are trying to uncover the real purpose of this unprecedented mammoth of a machine. In a nut shell, there is the official narrative that CERN LHC is just a 13 Billion dollar particle accelerator built to find and prove the existence of the exotic Higgs boson particle. Then there is the globalist owned intelligence agency driven media who have been poisoning the well "fact checking" fabricated bogus stories of CERN LHC opening a 'portal to hell'. This is all planted hogwash designed to throw us off the scent as to what this mysterious and sinister project is REALLY all about. At this point I am convinced that NO ONE outside the deepest levels of the dark occult know its true purpose.

Rwanda Operation Crimson Mist

According to this article, which is hard to verify as true, on April 6th 1994, the slaughter in Rwanda was due to a military experiment using Extra Low Frequencies (ELF). These are the same as “earth” frequencies, meaning that they are very hard to direct via conventional radio transmission. This is achieved by using an extremely high frequency microwave beam, which is then amplitude modulated at exactly the same rate as the desired control brain wave signal. Crimson Mist was essentially a Mind Control field experiment to induce uncontrollable rage in humans on the ground causing the brutal slaughter of one-million Africans in Rwanda. This technology distrupts and co-opts the human brain wave signal via external technological means, forcing irresistible change in a targets behavior. It really doesn't get more evil than this.

Injections and Brain Wave Frequency

Since the brainwaves of a population of humans on planet earth are all receiving at different unique frequencies, this creates a problem as to how to use this ELF tech effectively and efficiently on an entire population. It is not hard to speculate that the deployment of 5G dishes across the US and the mass injection of the population with synthetic messenger RNA that is designed to reprogram human DNA and penetrate the blood brain barrier are dual use programs to facilitate the groundwork to prep the population for a Rwanda type of mass attack. This is clearly already in place. If the decades old, publicly declared, agenda of the globalist ruling class is to cull the population down to 500 million, then there is no better way to do this than have the surface population all brutally kill off each other. After all, humans are hackable creatures.

The Real Purpose of CERN LHC

In my attempt to connect the dots here, I suspect that the real purpose of CERN LHC is to modulate the natural Extra Low Frequency of earth also known as the Schumann Resonance. By operating CERN LHC full time and tweaking the resonance of the powerful electromagnetic field and directing it inward towards the earths core, it will have an effect of modulating the plasma in the earths core, changing the natural frequency of the Schumann Resonance, thusly disrupting the natural brain wave function of the surface population. This LHC machine operation will also wreak havoc on the global electric circuit that controls the weather on earth. As I've mentioned before, Man Made Climate Change is just a cover for the effects of the machines full operation. So once the "earth" resonance frequency is tweaked, and the mass injected modulated brainwaves of the populous has been re-tuned to a more generalized wavelength, with amplitude modulated 5G tower repeaters fully activated, then it is just a matter of dialing in the exact frequency to cause a horrendous massacre on a global scale like we saw done to the unwitting population of Rwanda. I think they are going to go live with this in 2023 causing a global DEATH BLOSSOM storm unlike anything we have ever seen.

This is THEIR planet and they don't want YOU on it anymore!

August 2nd 2022

Operation LGBTQIA+

White shame is an intelligence operation folks. It is a way of providing cover for an army of operatives, order takers, and "useful idiots", to implement a political agenda of subversion, criminality, and asymmetrical warfare. Think about it, as an intelligence agency, you can procure and assign assets and agents using "gender" roles as deep cover and essentially operate with impunity. A great example is Imran Awan, anyone remember him? Purportedly a Pakistani IT guy running the entire encrypted blackberry cell phone communications for Congress. This was a time when it was politically incorrect to even question a person of color, never mind a Muslim as it is vital for the UNITED STATES government to support the "rainbow" agenda and demonstrate to the rest of the nation and the world how diverse our political representatives, especially "white" ones are. He was caught running an entire spy ring on every member of congress and the senate. What happened to him? He walked.

The Perfect Cover

If the George Floyd psyop has taught us anything, the message is crystal clear, if you are law enforcement, you do not touch, question, or take into custody a minority, or your career is over. If you are a judge, you do not prosecute otherwise your home will be surrounded by angry rainbow minorities with the national news on your doorstep. This is what intelligence agencies spend 24/7 doing. Dreaming up and concocting bullshit narratives, pumping these narratives over every existing media outlet, and indoctrinating the populous and more importantly the representatives in government so they can issue legislation that provides the perfect cover for these astroturf operatives to operate essentially with complete immunity. You think it's an accident that every on the ground perp involved in the 2020 election theft was a minority or person of color? An entire LGBTQIA+ national army was deployed as election workers. This is how you steal an election while having law enforcement, politicians, government agencies all turn a blind eye to overt criminality. It is the perfect cover. Use "white shame" and "white guilt" to silence people who question suspicious behavior. It is all such overt mind fuckery and gaslighting and it is stunningly effective.

Fight Club

These actors are fight club and have infiltrated every aspect of human civilization. This is just another component in the doctrine of unrestricted, asymmetrical warfare. America is under massive attack and no one can see it. Invasion forces freely crossing the border, allowed entry for diversity. The infiltration of LGBTQIA+ into government. Ironically, white people are a minority with about 900 million in a world of 8 billion. It is time we all start opening our eyes to the unprecedented deception that is being skillfully used against us. We are being bamboozled, duped, hoodwinked, tricked, confused, bewildered, by this giant intelligence agency / "Open Society" HOAX.