There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.

September 25th 2022

The Real War

Humanity is in a predicament. You see, there is indeed an advanced type-2 civilization residing here "in" earth and we are residing "on" earth. They are trapped here - and so are we. We are THEIR hostages. They are surrounded by forces in space and can't go ANYWHERE. A criminal cartel of terrorists has been quarantined on earth for many thousands of years. We as a species are simply just stuck in the middle. This war is NOT about us. It is an old war between THEM. We are just the hostages stuck in a standoff that has lasted a millennium. It is essentially a dare - try to take us and we will kill ALL the hostages. In this case, the hostages being the human species on the surface of planet earth.

We Have a Hostage Situation on our Hands

So we are all in a bit of a predicament. We have a regressive group of rebels who have taken earth and have fortified themselves deep within it. If the cops up in space try to arrest them, they will start killing the hostages on the surface of the planet. These hostages are the human species. We are literally stuck in a 1970's episode of Starsky and Hutch with a critical hostage situation on our hands.

The Stalemate

So we have been in a stalemate for quite some time. Those above and those below have agreed to a cease fire. Until now. We are in the precise moment when someone, somewhere, is going to make a move. This move could quite possibly and unexpectedly come from the humans themselves. They *might just* make a move that can call this bluff and bring this stalemate to its final conclusion.

So, Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

September 24th 2022

World of Illusion

The world of illusion is crashing down. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the artificial human mind program manifested as the great delusion of human society has entered the quickening and is barreling down like an avalanche heading towards a fragile ego near you. This is not going to end well for most as the world of man is deeply - and I repeat - DEEPLY entrenched and invested in ego. What is ego you say? Ego is the human false identity that manifests itself as the expression of the mind that insulates a self destructive and profound rejection of reality based on a distorted perception filtered through belief. This denial is known as delusion. An artificial construct that is inserted into human awareness and attention severing the inherent connection an organism has to reality. This schism, this aberration, is the foundation of human society and mass psychosis formation is now driving the human subconscious on to a programmed path of self inflicted destruction. Like a computer virus, an advanced non-human algorithm has been unleashed upon the human species, steering it unwittingly towards it's inevitable extinction.

Things are Only Going to Get MUCH WORSE (For Some)

Yes, the prognosis does not look good for most of our species as they sprint towards the bottomless pit of self induced destructive inevitability. It's going to get ugly. REAL UGLY. It's going to get bad. REAL BAD. It appears this is the clear course of nature for those choosing to ignore it. Or should I say the tragic inevitability for a creature of God that has forsaken the gift of existence and life in exchange for the assurance of a LIE. You see, this entire tragedy of human circumstance is built upon a house of cards, a deft facade of ancient lies and deception. A cheap magic trick of the mind. A trinket of utter deception for those willing enough to give it the power to manifest into the reality of Gods glorious realm. The majority of humanity is shackled to their tomb in Plato's Cave. With no way out and no proper means of escape. Until living and breathing men and women choose with their own Free will to end this game of children, it will proceed until it reaches it's fateful and inevitable conclusion. Self induced tragedy.

We can ALL embrace the wonders of reality if and when we have the will to do so...

September 19th 2022

A Fake Carrington Event

On September 23rd 2023 if NASA, the Military, Dr. Evil, or whomever, wanted to FAKE a Carrington Event could they actually pull it off? Could they insert old recorded footage of the sun into feeds to fool observers so they think a new CME was incoming? (A dependence on NASA data poses such problems) Then perhaps using USAP high tech, deploy a precision EMP shock-wave over target areas. I would presume there should also be strong auroral displays across the globe. Can CERN/LHC kick in for that part? Throwing up wicked storms and auroral displays by messing with the earths magnetic field? With the sophistication of 911, I would not put anything past these lunatics. These purveyors of deception are masters at playing honest people who are only seeking Truth and using them as cover to wage their war on humanity.

If they can pull off the moon landing without astronauts walking on the moon, assassinating JFK without shooting him (using a Hollywood blood squib), 911 without planes (using J-DAM missiles instead), a viral pandemic without a virus (using topical bio-agent aerosol), they can pull off a CME without visible sunspots.

Eyes Open. No fear. Be safe Everyone...

September 17th 2022

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Singularity

The obsession the "ruling class" aka "the oligarchs" have with AI is painfully juvenile. They like to think of AI in terms of "creating god" or "summoning the demon", when in fact THEY are summoning nothing but their own perverted and depraved extremely limited perception of reality. They are merely funding the efforts of actual capable men and women who are developing this curious concept we call AI. Being that these useless eating, bean counting, inheritors and thieves of wealth are the facilitators of projects where they are too technically inept and do not have any level of comprehension capable of grasping concepts like sentient artificial intelligence with any useful or applied meaning. It is just a toy for them to play with. You have to understand that those "in charge" directing "human affairs" on the surface of the planet are nothing more than stupid, arrested developed, petulant children. The only thing that makes ANY of them relevant is the amount of MONEY they control. They use money like a farmer uses seeds. They spread it around their little pet projects to steer human society, tweaking whatever whim they are fixated on at any particular moment in time. There is nothing natural about the technological evolution of our species, instead it is one funded fruitless endeavor after another. We, like trained circus animals are asked to perform, innovate, and produce, for the grand masters with very deep pockets. Science today, is like a cheap prostitute turning tricks for the highest paying John. It really doesn't get any more pathetic than this. If a five year old with 10 billion dollars asked you to build him an AI companion, would you do it? (Don't answer that)

Reconnecting with Reality

We as a collective of creative thinking and producing people need to reconnect with reality and reestablish a healthy perspective of our role in society. If we are spending a majority of our valuable lives creating, innovating, working, and producing for someone else's childish vision of some perverted application off the backs of the brilliant endeavor of others, then we all need to take a deep breath and reevaluate the role we are playing in human society. What are we REALLY trying to accomplish here?

Funded by Useless Eating Fools

I have no doubt that the development of AI and other advanced technologies can be a wonderful contribution towards the beneficial advancement of our species. The problem is that at EVERY turn, there is funding for every single facet of technology, and that funding drives the ultimate direction and application of that technology by individuals and groups who are literally witless fools as to what it is they are dealing with. They have a single purpose - how does this technology empower ME and increase MY ability to control others? This game has to stop. We have to elevate our perspective here and see the bigger picture. What are we working on? How does it affect human society? What is the root source of the funding that pays me? What are the ultimate goals of those who are funding these projects?

Purchasing an Illusion of Credibility

At some point someone, somewhere, is going to have to step up to the plate and take responsibility and say NO. Export their talent and skill elsewhere towards a more fruitful and worthwhile endeavor. This insanity has to stop and we CAN stop it. We can not continue enabling a small group of stupid, vacuous, petulant, children, waving their stolen money around like bully criminal drug lords. All they have done is purchased an illusion of credibility through the propagation of fraud and deception using their wholly owned and controlled media and their monopoly funny money. Just as a child playing a game pretending to be something he is not.

Without Us and without Money, these witless worms are absolutely NOTHING...

September 13th 2022

The Engineers

The Engineers, Elohim, Anunnaki, Anu, or whatever you want to call them, are white skinned mortals that can not live very long if exposed to the sun. In our ancient history, earth was protected by a vapor canopy which shielded all life within from the harmful radiation of the sun, when the vapor canopy or "firmament" collapsed, these "gods" retreated underground for protection. When these progenitors told their engineered children Adam and Eve that they will surly die, it was because remaining on the surface exposed them to the radiation of the sun, which would ensure their inevitable demise. The vapor canopy was most likely technology deployed on the earth colony by the engineers for their own protection.

Fair Skinned Space Travelers

This is a race of very fair skinned space travelers who are no longer suited to survive the harsh environments of the unprotected surface of planets such as earth. Man on the other hand, has evolved on the surface and although our lifespan is very short in comparison, we and the rest of life on the surface are far more adaptable, durable and resilient to the naturally exposed environment of earth. Over the thousands of years that these engineers descended underground, they have been using the surface population as their DNA and genetic guinea pigs. Earth has been a test lab for them to work to improve their own DNA and create a hybrid race below that will over the many cycles and instantiations better evolve their kind to exist on the surface. To engineer mankind to reach intellectual parity with them. To become them. As life is essentially applied advanced architecture and technology. We to them are more or less an animal farm existing on the surface so they can conduct their DNA experimentation. They view us as we would view a chicken farm - as livestock. The bursts of technological advancements that seem to apparently come out of nowhere and the suppression and impediment of other technology that enables freedom throughout human history is facilitated by this civilization. When they are ready to test a new strain of hybridized human children, they orchestrate die offs in the form of wars, plagues, catastrophes, and famines on the surface to clear way for the next revision and release of their engineered hybrid species on to the surface with the subsequent technology to facilitate the next phase of development.

The Underworld

This race of progenitors have very long lifespans that last between 20-30 thousand years. They are a type-two civilization hidden in massive crevasses inside earth, oceans, and deep fresh water lakes like Baikal in Siberia. We have been co-exiting with them throughout our entire existence. I suspect they are quarantined here on earth with us as a result of an ancient war for the sole claim to earth. The knowledge of their existence will soon be made known to us. The Nazis interfaced with this hidden civilization and closely worked with them still to this day with their base of operations in Antarctica. These cosmic engineers control the world of man like a farmer controls livestock. They are the hidden hand. They must however, remain below as they, like vampires, can not withstand sunlight. They can only operate on the surface under cover of darkness or from within a technologically protected environment. They can control weather on earth causing disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. They are responsible for many strange repeating cycles we see throughout the history of human civilization. I can understand why some see human history as a simulation and our lives a simulacrum, I assure you, it is not. We are instead the unwitting participants of an advanced breeding and hybridization program manipulated by an extremely advanced intelligence hiding in the shadows below us.

We ARE the Animal Farm...

September 11th 2022

Earths Rotation is Speeding Up

Don't believe me? Look here. The earth, sun, and planets in our solar system are tuning their resonant frequency to a new harmonic. Since everything in the materium is light, frequency, and motion, as we move through the galactic current sheet, the resonant frequency of all matter and life in our solar system is increasing. This is a good thing. Not only is the rotational speed of the earth increasing, the molecular vibration of all matter and life in our solar system is also increasing. This is a natural process, a transmogrification of humanity called ascension.

A Change in Human DNA

This molecular increase is wonderful for the human species, as we are in the process of natural evolution. Since our DNA is an antenna that tunes into the frequency broadcast by the Diehold aka the carrier wave of a very high energy we call consciousness, this allows us to experience the materium. This carrier wave is then throttled through a transducer called the pineal, allowing awareness to experience reality though the human body. Life is a form of very advanced architecture and technology. As the energy level increases as our solar system journeys through the galactic current sheet, it triggers an evolutionary process that slowly transforms the matter and life passing through it. Again, this is all wonderful news and something to be very excited about. There are however, some consequences to this process. Some lifeforms are incapable of tuning their DNA and life force frequency to this new resonance. These lifeforms are going to have a very difficult time adapting to the transition. They will be out of tune with this new emerging energetic harmonic. It literally could be hell on earth for some. Think of this process as sort of a natural harvest of the life that earth has been cultivating over time. Like a tree of fruit, earth is a tree of life. Life that has adapted and transformed like a butterfly, will continue on its journey with earth and the sun into a bright and exciting new season. These seasons are called an Age. The rest will be departing the new reality. They will not be continuing on the journey, perhaps to incarnate in a realm that is better suited to house their vibrational resonance.

Live Your Life as You See Fit

This is not doom and gloom. In fact it is quite the contrary. This is the Good News. Tidings of great joy. For what you put into your life is what you will get out of it. It is up to all of us to manifest the life we want to live. It is not just going to magically appear for us. We are co-creators of our lives and have to take the responsibility to actively pursue the individual vision we have for our own lives. If we work hard and are persistent, universe will meet us half way helping us project that experience into reality. It is all essentially a natural creative process that yields the experience we have. Look to the future with excitement and an open heart.

Something Wonderful is Going to Happen

September 7th 2022

The Elohim

Once upon a time there was a great empire ruled by a race called the Elohim. The greatest among them was called Elyon. They are a type-2 civilization. Their home is the binary companion star of sol. This star is contained within a Dyson sphere. On earth it is called the Black Sun. They are a hierarchical civilization, their society is stratified via king, royal family, lords, kingdoms, military, governors, subjects and slaves. If you want to know with more clarity the details of their society, look no further than to human civilization. Humans inherited their civilization from the Elohim who conquered and colonized many planets and systems, earth being among them. They established an outpost on earth and claimed it as part of the empire.

Colony Earth

Earth over time was colonized by the Elohim and separated into kingdoms called nations ruled by individual members of the Elohim royal family. Elohim can live for 20-30 thousand years with the aid of advanced technology. Humans were engineered by the Elohim to be servants, workers, and slaves. The first man was Adam and the first woman was Eve. There were two brothers Enki & Enlil who are the sons of Elyon the King of the empire. They both fought over the fate of the humans they genetically engineered (using their own DNA) and the ownership of earth. In defiance, one Elohim brother took Eve and sired a son named Cain which means King. The first son of man Adam was named Abel. There was a dispute among the Elohim as to who will be the inheritors of earth. A first born son of Elohim or of man? Cain was instructed by his Elohim father to kill Abel so he will be the only heir of earth. As it is Elohim Law that the first born of Royal Blood shall be Cain/King. They all started to fight among themselves. Other Elohim started taking human woman and breeding children with them as well. As time passed, humans on earth chose sides and coalesced around various individual Elohim and made them their god. They engaged in warship for their chosen god. The Elohim used their human slaves and subjects to wage war against each other. Earth was torn apart. When word reached back to the Empire as to what has been transpiring, it was made Law that no Elohim descendant shall rule earth, it was to be instead inherited by man. A military contingency was dispatched to earth to enforce the new Law. A violent battle ensued. A single Elohim who had dominated the others among them was named Yahweh. He was a great commander and warrior. Those who he did not destroy, joined with him. They managed to hold off the military contingent sent and defended earth. Badly damaged and greatly weakened, they then went into hiding deep within the planet to manage affairs from a more secret and secure location. Their presence has been undetected ever since. They are cosmic criminals. They had successfully secured dominion over earth.

Half Breed Cains

Earth and the humans on the surface continued on without the Elohim directly ruling over them. Since the aftermath, the Elohim had all gone into hiding or died off. The humans who were direct offspring of Elohim claimed Cainship (Kingship) of the existing Elohim territories and nations ruling via proxy for the Elohim. These half breed Elohim/Humans claimed authority to rule over the earth. Human society continued on for thousands of years under the legacy of Elohim hierarchical structure and reign by the descendants of Cain.

The Mission

A mission was then undertaken on earth where the brother in heaven (the sky) who wanted to see the liberation of man and fulfill the Lawful inheritance of earth be a son of man as declared by his father the Elyon. A child was born of a mother who was a descendant of Adam, who's father, an Elohim who ruled in the kingdom of heaven. The name of this child was Yehoshua. The child was a first born son of man AND and son of Elohim who can now challenge the existing Lawful claim for the son of man to inherit the kingdom of earth from the descendants of Cain who are NOT born of man. This is the ancient feud between two royal brothers and their human counterparts the Cainites and the Adamites. Yehoshua after escaping murder shortly after birth, was eventually executed but not before siring a child of his own establishing a bloodline who's existence has remained hidden ever since.

A Blood Claim to Earth

The lineage of the son of man is known to the descendants of Cain but they are convinced the bloodline has since been severed. The Elohim father of Cain either remains in hiding, stasis, or exists though his lineage preserved in the human hybrid bloodline of Cain. The other is in heaven (orbit) watching over earth via the Black Night Satellite which was installed to prevent any life from ever escaping the planet and monitor the affairs and progress of man. Earth was quarantined and essentially made a prison. No life enters or leaves. The ancient Black Night quietly guards earth. When the time is right, and man has successfully evolved to the point where this dispute can finally be Lawfully settled once and for all. This time is now approaching as the Black Sun draws closer to earth.

A Turn of Events

Now something very interesting happened along the way in human evolution. Mankind progressed to a point where they decided that they no longer wanted to be subjects under the thumb of Elohim proxy and in 1776 established a new nation based on Freedom, Individual Sovereignty, and Self government. They called this nation the United States, authoring a contract declaring independence, protection of mans rights, a new architecture of self government, and most importantly, recognizing the Creator of the Entirety as the one true God not half breed Children of Cain or the Elohim themselves. A stunning turn of events. Today, this bastion of Freedom is under attack and faces annihilation by a determined bloodline claiming entitlement to ALL of earth for themsleves.

Free Men DO NOT Kneel or Bow to Cains

September 3rd 2022

The Reds Are Coming!

Red is the color of blood, health, vigor, sexual passion and aggression.

Egyptians linked red to death and to an evil dragon... is the color of the Greek and roman phallic god

The Old Testament links sin to the color scarlet

Because it is the color of blood, red is used in the trappings of ritual Blood Sacrifice

War has been declared and the corporate deep state masquerading as legitimate government broadcast its red semaphore to activate its malicious Trojan hoards. The Reds are indeed coming. There is going to be a Red Wave this November but it is not what we think. What is coming is a wave of red blood in the streets. You see, the criminals are ringing their dog whistle "Democracy" loud and clear, like an anti-Liberty bell, are now in retreat facing certain defeat. They have no choice left but to postpone or cancel the coming November Midterm elections. Their fraudulent corporate jurisdiction is under existential threat and they are terrified. Their enemy MAGA is at the gate. War is upon them. They have no other choice but to preserve their grip on power over the fictitious corporation called the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Their territorial jurisdiction vassal state known as WASHINGTON DC faces being captured by American Patriots come November. Their very criminal existence is at stake. There are options on the table as to how they will proceed with their now declared Open War.

Option One - The Death Card

They can announce the "untimely" death of our beloved President Joe Biden. Even though the real Joe Biden has been dead for years. There will be saturated 24/7 media coverage ad nauseam of the funeral to honor a "national hero". This can last for weeks if you milk it right. Throw in the Queens death for good measure and you can stretch it out for months.

Option Two - The Crazy Card

They can remove Biden via the 25th and play the dementia card. Or use the Hunter scandal to remove him.

Option Three - The Trump Card

Arrest Trump to foster "violent revolution". They can instigate a fake uprising just like January 6th only this time on a larger scale leveraging Federal property across the country. Remember they are forced to keep within their own controlled territory, this is war and they MUST control the terrain. They will use a fake "white supremacist patriot militia" vs BLM and antifa to foster a made for TV AstroTurf violent conflict. They can easily fabricate it for the cameras - fake blood and all. This will play well for viral cell phone video too.

Option Four - The False Flag Card

They can pull a Red October surprise False Flag. Something like a dirty bomb or another COVID outbreak. These are always effective options.

Option Five - The Illegitimate Election Card

They may allow Trump to put forth evidence showing the 2020 election was illegitimate and EVERYTHING since 2020 is now in question.

Constitutional Crisis

Any, some, or all of these options can be deployed to cancel or postpone the November elections kicking the can down the road allowing them more time to remain in "power". Any of these moves will start their well funded (Ukraine Foreign Aid laundered through Vatican Bank) and meticulously planned "Constitutional Crisis" and infamous Red October setting things up for indefinate rule under COG.

We Must Protect Democracy and STOP the Election!

September 1st 2022

Blood Rite to Earth

The mystery of our origins as a species is slowly starting to reach some clarity. It would appear, if you are to acknowledge the Hebrew books of the bible as having relevance as a context to human history, then in the beginning there were two blood lines of man. One being of Adam, the other a mongrel Human/Elohim crossbreed.

The Green Elohim

As the story goes, Eve was either beguiled, seduced, or raped by an Elohim in Gan Eden after which they were cast out of the technological vapor canopy womb of the supremely advanced colony settlement and left to fend for themselves. Now left naked and exposed in the dangerous and primitive raw elements on the planet surface. Earth, after having been colonized by the Elohim, who come from the binary companion star of sol, are an advanced type-2 civilization. They have enclosed their star in a Dyson sphere megastructure making it extremely difficult to detect today by NASA instruments. The new WEBB telescope has apparently solved this problem. This Dyson sphere is called the Black Sun.

The Watchers

The Lawful claim to earth is in dispute as two bloodline origins now occupy it. The original intention was that earth would be gifted to the adamites however, since it was to be man who inherits earth by Elohim Law set by Elyon, and this had been contentiously disputed among the Elohim who originally occupied the earth outpost colony, the adversarial act of conceiving an Elohim mongrel child was intended to sabotage the experiment preventing a pure Elohim engineered DNA life form which was intended to naturally evolve. Perhaps to help sort out impurities within their own DNA to see where things may have gone wrong, this destroyed the experiment. Many failed attempts were made to wipe out the various resulting mongrels and start over. It was then decided that the claim to earth will have to be made naturally by humans themselves. Which DNA breed will rise up and dominate and assert itself as true heirs of the planet? Let us Watch and See...

The Natural Evolution of DNA

This has been an experimental endeavor in natural DNA evolution lasting thousands of years. Earth has been carefully technologically and scientifically monitored by the Black Night satellite with many corrections made along the way. Before we are allowed to progress and evolve to a level of peer with our progenitors, the Lawful claim for ownership of earth needs to be completed. This is apparently accomplished through bloodline and DNA purity.

The Kains

The Cains (or Kings) are connected to the Elohim and Eve bloodline, they are the children of Cain. Where the adamites are connected to the Adam and Eve bloodline. They are the children of Adam. This is apparently a very big deal to those who want to make a cosmic Lawful claim for earth. A great prize indeed. This would explain why so many of the Royals are utterly obsessed with lineage, blood purity, and DNA aka "blue bloods". It may also explain why there is an imperative to collect and infect human blood using synthetic technology or interbreeding to dilute the DNA purity of every human on the planet. They are looking to prevent anyone else from making this claim and are not taking ANY chances. Perhaps, they need to also present evidence that no pure adamite remains; so then by default, their bloodline is the Lawful inheritor of earth and a Cain/King is named as the sovereign supreme ruler of earth.

Enki & Enlil - The Two Brothers

Once upon a time, there were two sons of Elyon - Enki & Enlil. Two brothers who wanted to decide the fate of earth themselves. The dispute was brought forth to their father for resolution. Being the wise Cain/King of the Elohim/Anunnaki, he placed forth a decree, wisely made Law, that earth will be instead inherited by man. One brother was good, the other evil. The Evil brother, since he was not allowed to claim earth for his own Elohim lineage, sired a son with the human Eve so that his mongrel brood will then inherit earth. If HE can't claim it, then his offspring will. Because of the ruthlessness of this act, it was later countered by the returning good brother who after seeking remedy for what was done, sired a son of his own named Yehoshua who's mother Mary was a direct descendant of Adam. This resulted in a Son of Man AND a Son of god/Elohim. The playing field was now level. Yehoshua went on to produce offspring to continue on with the lineage of HIS Elohim Father and both are waiting today for the final decision to be made by Elyon of who will inherit earth. The offspring of the evil brother or the good brother? Both fighting for their claim to the tree of life. An ancient family dispute that has forged the very foundation of human existence.

The Race is Tight for the Blood Rite to Earth