The real scarcity we face is critical thinking and courage.

October 31st 2022


Next year the inverse of Gods Storm will arrive. Who or whatever has the technological capacity to punish earth with induced weather will unleash their technological prowess. These anti-human creatures will step into their anti-glory and have their much anticipated Great Storm descend upon earth. Lives on the surface of the planet will be shocked, bewildered, dumbfounded, and terrified. A weather scourge will be unleashed upon mankind. Make no mistake. The unelect will be tested and the very fabric of their existence will be shaken to the core. Most will think it is The End. It is NOT. We are entering a time when the pernicious perverts and purveyors of pretense reach their passionate preordained penultimate position of penetration. This MUST come to pass.

Trump will disappear. The hope that has been falsely propagated for years WILL BE SHATTERED. Most will be thrown into utter turmoil. The very foundation of the human ego will be shaken. The trust most living on planet earth have in a false savior will be liquefied and incinerated. Sanity will cease to be. The world built on BE-LIE-VING will be shattered and destroyed to prepare for the expected arrival of the Phoenix. It will be a time most don't understand and MANY will fall to EVEN MORE deception. This is intended.

Stand in the light and you will NEVER fall...

October 28th 2022

CERN LHC Deductive Reasoning

Let's use some deductive reasoning on the CERN LHC particle accelerator. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is one of the most expensive scientific instruments ever built. It is the world's largest and highest-energy particle collider. It has a 17 mile circumference. It is shaped like the letter Q. It is buried 574 ft (57 stories) beneath the surface of the earth. It's total cost is estimated to be around $13 billion USD to date. It's stated purpose is to hope answer some of the fundamental open questions in physics. The LHC is planned to run over the next 20 years.

What has CERN LHC Actually Achieved so Far?

  1. The Higgs Boson
  2. Tetraquarks
  3. Missing Supersymmetry
  4. Coordinated Motion
  5. Signs of New Physics After All...or Not

Every search for any accomplishments of the LHC are essentially vague CERN fluff pieces with the source of all discoveries and data coming from CERN itself. It is apparently a self perpetuating impenetrable self-aggrandizing propaganda myth machine.

Was it Worth it?

According to the Guardian it is heartening LHC was built with no idea it will ever find anything but is worth the price society is willing to pay to understand the universe.

Is the Large Hadron Collider worth its massive price tag?

The Large Hadron Collider might well be the last machine of its kind that ever gets built. But the fact that it was built is extremely heartening. This is a machine so large it takes hours to jog around. It cost billions of euros and took many years to build. That governments were willing to pay for it, with no idea what it might or might not find, speaks volumes about the price society is willing to pay to understand more about our place in the universe.


Do We Understand MORE About Our Place in the Universe?

Quantum physics scientist explains why CERN is a waste of time and money and how CERN scientists have very cozy high paying jobs they intend to keep. Forbes wrote that no new particles, interactions, decays, or fundamental physics have been found and most of CERN's data from the LHC has been discarded forever.

Can CERN LHC be a Giant Fraud?

One theory is that CERN LHC is a total fraud established to collect massive amounts of money and divert it to the construction of underground cities in preparation for the Continuity Of Civilization aka The Coming Cataclysm. This is possible amid the sickening amount of theft and fraud uncovered in the last few years however, there is evidence the LHC particle accelerator was indeed built and it is quite long. A cyclist rode the circumference and recorded the trip on video. In the video there are large connected pipes that appear to be very long that do actually look like an underground particle accelerator. So while possible, it is unlikely it is an elaborate hoax or fraud.

Are Particle Accelerators Expensive and Difficult to Build?

Looking at the fact that Bob Lazar built a particle accelerator in his backyard, an argument can be made that it wouldn't appear to be THAT difficult or expensive. CERN LHC on the other hand is on a MUCH greater scale.

CERN FAQ Says LHC Magnetic Field Has No Harmful Effects

So it MUST be true if CERN FAQ says so...

[CERN answers queries from social media]

Can the LHC have an influence on weather patterns and natural phenomena?

No. The magnets at CERN have an electromagnetic field, which is contained with the magnets themselves and therefore cannot influence the Earth’s magnetic field, nor the weather. The strength of the LHC magnets (8.36 teslas) is comparable to the magnetic field found in PET-MRI scanners (up to 9.4 tesla), which are regularly used for brain scans.


Interesting, I wonder if a PET-MRI scanner was built with a circumference of 17 miles if it could produce a more powerful measurable magnetic field?

According to we have this:

Effects of massive magnetic field generated by operation of the large hadron collider?

The magnetic field at the center of an LHC magnet may be very strong, but the strength of the field drops very rapidly as you move away from it. By the time you're more than about a meter away from the magnet, the field is undetectable. These magnets don't have any effect on the surrounding environment.


A statement without any independent evidence, measurements, or data from actual LHC operations to support this assertion. It appears to be just more parroting of the official CERN FAQ.

The Top of CERN LHC is Protected by Magnetic Shielding Called - The Umbrella

The LHC is 574 feet underground and shielded at the top by an umbrella so the magnetic field generated would be undetectable at ground level or even directly above it.

Shielding the outer muon barrel chambers of CMS for HL-LHC : preparing an umbrella before the rain

CMS has just finished wrapping the barrel with a new layer which is not a new detector but a brand new protection system aimed to keep the outer barrel muon chambers shielded from background radiation.

The top chambers of the outer wheels were covered with prototype shields.


Not only is the top of CERN LHC protected with electromagnetic shielding, there's also enough superconducting wire in the LHC to circle the Earth more than 6.8 times. 250,000 km or 155,343 miles.

Also according to CERN:

All the magnets on the LHC are electromagnets. The main dipoles generate powerful 8.3 tesla magnetic fields – more than 100,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field.


Powering CERN LHC

CERN LHC requires an ENORMOUS amount of electricity to run.

CERN uses 1.3 terawatt hours of electricity annually. That’s enough power to fuel 300,000 homes for a year in the United Kingdom. The French station now powers all of CERN, but the Swiss substation is maintained as a partial backup.


What's REALLY Going On Here?

More Concerns About CERN

...with magnetic field strengths several magnitudes stronger than the local field strength of the planet itself, I’ve always thought it possible that planetary effects could ensue from using the device, via resonance, and that these effects could affect everything from weather to aggregate human behavior, and possibly even, via the magnetic coupling between the Earth and the Sun, have affects on the Sun itself. I’ve even entertained the speculation that with such strong magnetic fields buried under the Earth, that such effects might even extend to the dynamo operating in the interior of the planet, which in turn would affect the magnetosphere itself. Perhaps the strange sudden shifting of the magnetic north pole is somehow related to these hypothesized effects.


Connecting all these dauntingly complex dots, a picture does emerge. CERN LHC is the largest machine built by modern man. It was possibly built to tune the earths resonant frequency. A side effect of running this machine is to change the geomagnetic footprint of earth and disrupt the electromagnetic field of the planet resulting in severe weather and electrical storms on the surface. It's design potentially being a major component of known geoengineering technology such as HAARP ionosphere heaters and the relentless chemtrail aerosol global spraying. All working in concert as the infrastructure to Own The Weather and induce a severe massive global electromagnetic storm starting in 2023 resulting in the most extreme weather we have ever seen. Perhaps the machine might also be used to mitigate or alter earths geophysical polar orientation.

If the Machine is Extremely Dangerous What Can be Done to Stop It?

The most logical choice would be to shut down power to the machine.

Perhaps that mission is already underway...

Europe’s energy crisis could shut down the Large Hadron Collider

Europe is now suffering an energy crisis. The fallout from the invasion of Ukraine, resulting in the Russian government choking gas supplies, has pushed the continent’s heating and electricity prices up to a much higher order of magnitude.

In the heart of Europe, along the French-Swiss border, the particle physics laboratory at CERN is facing the same plight. This month, it’s been reported that CERN officials are drawing up plans to limit or even shut down the recently rebooted Large Hadron Collider (LHC).


Europe Is Preparing For Power Outages This Winter

With Russian gas imports significantly lower than usual and several nuclear reactors in France down for emergency maintenance, the EU is bracing for a difficult winter. Most of Europe faces the risk of energy rationing or outages.


France Discovers Ominous Cracks in Dozens of Nuclear Reactors

Europe's energy crisis may have just gotten worse. The Wall Street Journal reports that dozens of France's nuclear reactors — which, amid Russia's devastating stranglehold on the continent's natural gas supply, are essential to the nation's energy security — remain offline following a series of troubling outages believed to be caused by stress-induced pipe corrosion.


France faces winter power outages due to strikes in 12 out of 18 nuclear plants

Strikes at nuclear power plants in France have affected 12 of the country's 18 nuclear power plants, raising fears that the country's energy crisis will worsen.


The war in Ukraine is not an overt act of Russian aggression, it is instead a covert mission in an ongoing complex multi-tier asymmetrical 5th generation world war being waged right under our noses. There are a LOT of moving parts and we are smack dab in the middle of it all.

The Cosmic Dance of Shiva

Outside CERN LHC corporate headquarters building is an ancient statue depicting The Cosmic Dance of Shiva.

What Happens When Shiva Does The Cosmic Dance?

Shiva dances in ‘Rudra Tandava’ or the dance of destruction in an aureole of fire, creating wild thunderstorms all around the universe, even shattering the Sun, the Moon and stellar bodies with his matted hair, marks of ash on the forehead, trident, drum, lifting his left leg and balancing over a demon of ignorance.


This is Way Bigger Than Anyone Can Possibly Imagine...

October 26th 2022

Another Real UFO

On September 5th 2022 I photographed another AAO (Anomalous Aerial Object). A truly staggeringly beautiful site to behold. These are inspirational sightings in extraordinary times. I can't understand why an expression so incredible goes unnoticed? Won't even give pause to most. No one seems to care about what appears in the heavens above us. Instead, we prefer to stare at fake rectangular screens. Have we lost the connection to our childhood sense of wonder and curiosity? Our ability to innocently marvel at astonishing manifestations?

Our Friends Above Love Gratitude

Make no mistake, our friends above love gratitude. They love when we are in a true state of gratitude. From that gratitude comes Joy. This human state of consciousness is very important to them and they are very responsive to it. Taking some time to be out in nature to really and truly be thankful for the miracle of existence and the gift of life. Being outdoors and breathing in some fresh air. Allowing our mind to be free again like a child. Pondering the true intent and purpose of our existence. An excitement for life when we wake in the morning knowing that there are infinite possibilities in this incredibly amazing creation. How we have the opportunity to be co-creators of our very own life. I can't think of anything more exciting than that. Anything more innocent and pure of heart.

Please Look Up

I would appeal to anyone reading this to take some time out of your day and look up. You might just be surprised at what you see.

There are miracles everywhere waiting for us to just take notice...

October 25th 2022

The Human Experiment

It seems human beings are advanced applied architecture and technology. We are of a very advanced technological design. An artificial biological life form intended to be slaves and servants of our progenitors. At least that was the original intent. It would also appear that our very existence is under intense scrutiny with a pending judgment as to whether we should be allowed to continue to exist or not. Was our creation a mistake?

The Dilemma

Imagine you created a race of robots and that race achieved self awareness. The divine spark entered into this technology to experience the materium as a new kind of life form. Imagine that life form had lots of uncorrectable design flaws where the only solution was to allow these self replicating biological machines to naturally evolve over time. All while carefully monitoring genetic reconfigurations, making the necessary tweaks for improvement along the way. Imagine now that after an extended period of time these lifeforms, instead of evolving and progressing to a naturally better state, appear to be devolving over time and getting worse, less intelligent, more self destructive, and more disconnected from the metaphysical aspects of reality. Stuck in some strange regressive loop. Stagnating. Not making any measurable improvements over the course of time. The day has come where a determination has been made whether this species of engineered clones are to be allowed to continue to exist or be terminated. As to be absolutely sure this decision is indeed a just one, they must decide for themselves if they are to continue on or face extinction. It is now THEIR choice to make. Their fate is in THEIR own hands. No more assistance or interference only observation.

The Solution

The solution is far too simple for the ego of man to embrace. CHANGE. Yes, that is all we must do. Change our ways. In order to change, each and every one of us must change ourselves. In order to change ourselves we must break free from the social programming of this insane legacy system we call civilization and instead embrace our inner moral compass. Refuse to comply with anything that causes harm to others. It's really THAT simple. Have gratitude every day for the miracle of existence and the gift of life. Treat others as you would have them treat you. The answer if FAR too simple. This message is VERY old and yet to this day remains unheeded.

Things are NOT looking good for the glorious future of mankind...

October 24th 2022

The Judgement of Humanity

Make NO mistake, we are ALL being judged:

Instead of using the last seven years to change and to grow, YOU HAVE SQUANDERED THEM!


Can't put it any simpler than that. Humanity has SQUANDERED its opportunity to grow. It has remained recalcitrant to ANY change.

Listen folks, and I am VERY serious here. It might come down to a handful of humans on the planet who have demonstrated enough to convince those above that in the last several years humans are worthy of a second chance. I suspect we are at the point where there are NO MORE excuses. Every reason we had to hide, to blame, to point to as a causality, were all removed around 2012. We have been left to coast along and demonstrate that those WERE the very causes of our malady however, as it turns out, they were NOT the root cause of our regressive inclination. We are at this time getting a FAILING grade from those above us. It is SHAMEFUL how pathetic we actually are. We are really and truly a bunch of ungrateful fuck-ups. I hate saying it but Truth MUST be told. We are a child species that are at the threshold of facing severe punishment for our inability to conform with nature and embrace the resonance of the eternal field around us and actually GROW. To acknowledge the wonderful gifts we have ALL been given. Instead, we PISS them away. We are the unwitting architects of our own impending tragedy.

We have NOT grown. We are STUCK. There is something within us that is preventing us from progressing. From elevating the way we SHOULD. I can't put a finger on it. Our species is stuck in a loop of arrested development. We cling to a hollow promise of NO CHANGE. We actually BEG for it. We can't grow without change and it appears that CHANGE is the one thing the species is STILL not ready to embrace.

We are on the precipice and have no more moves left...

October 20th 2022

Trustless Voting

Voting is based entirely on Trust. After you cast your vote, it is no longer in your custody. You instead, hand your ballot over to some employed stranger (usually with pink hair) who is then tasked with the custody, preservation, integrity, and authenticity of YOUR vote. Or you insert your ballot into a computer never to be seen again. But don't worry, it is now safely in the hands of government authorities who will protect and preserve your vote for you.

Election Controversy and Hand Wringing

Today there is an endless campaign of controversy and hand wringing around elections and voting:

The entire argument is a fabricated media influence and diversion campaign. What you NEVER hear discussed are actual solutions. Voting in the United States is based ENTIRELY on trust. This is obviously a problem. What we need is a trustless system. Trust is only established through transparency. With transparency and a chain of custody NEVER broken, a voter can cast their vote and retain the data of that vote forever. A voter must always keep ownership of their vote. There are many projects out there developing trustless systems based on blockchain. A blockchain is an immutable ledger system that can not be tampered with once a verified entry has been submitted. I am sure there are already a myriad of brilliant solutions to this problem as it is really not very difficult to solve. A problem however, can't be solved if there is no will to solve it. It seems we are all once again played over and over by media driven propaganda influence campaigns that keep us agitated, divided, fighting, and distracted through the bifurcation of this issue. Do you support free secure elections or are you an election denier? Once again, reducing the populace to a group of children corralled into making a manufactured choice. When is this level of subterfuge going to end? This has nothing to do with secure elections or election denial (whatever that is). It has to do with embracing a viable solution for this antiquated legacy trust based system. The only logical conclusion is complete and absolute transparency. Dark to Light if you want to coin a phrase. You can NOT have an opaque election process and expect it to be "safe", "secure", and "accurate". That is impossible. The ONLY reason anything is opaque and meticulously kept from the purview of public scrutiny is for the very purpose of deception, fraud, and criminal theft. Plain and simple. Elections are NOT "secure", "fair", "free", "safe", or "accurate", they are an exercise in THEFT so criminals can retain power over important decision making.

The Solution

It is not rocket science to come up with a trustless election system. One simple way is through complete and absolute transparency. This is not difficult to implement. You vote in person. You have proof you are an American eligible to vote. You vote. You sign your vote. You get a picture taken with your vote. You scan the vote into a blockchain. You verify your digital copy is identical to your hard copy. You get an address to the digital location of your vote in the blockchain and verity that. Finally, you get a self certified copy of your ballot to take with you. THEN and only then do you get a sticker and a lollipop after which you take the paper copy home with the url address to access your vote online at any point in time to ensure it hasn't been tampered with. Every vote in the ledger is accessible to everyone. It can be counted by anyone at any time. There is no need for secrecy. This is NOT complicated. You now have a transparent trustless system. This can also be easily accomplished if you wish to maintain anonymity for the voter however, I really don't see why this is necessary. I have never met anyone who didn't tell me who they voted for if asked. Why the need for secrecy? Vote and be proud of your decision.

Transparency Obviates Trust...

October 19th 2022

The Antagonist

At some point this whole insane game of human abuse on planet earth has to stop. Our history is a long monotonous series of shameful exploitation. How much abuse and punishment can a hapless race of engineered slaves take? What kind of malevolence gets off on the continuous suffering of a seemingly lesser race? What level of callow malcontent could drive the relentless pursuit of jealous taunting over the course of millennium?

A Dark Spiteful Child

There is a venom that runs through the veins of human society, continuously, deceiving, mocking, toying, and cyclically destroying the surface population of man. There is no doubt some deep disdain for humanity being perpetrated against its very existence. By why? What did WE do? Is this intelligence simply eternally pissed and uses us to taunt God into action? If this is true, how juvenile and unenlightened must you be to spend an eternity in damnation where the only joy you have is the punishment of humanity?

A Pitiful Existence

It is no doubt pitiful to descend to such a level of awareness to where your only purpose is the continuous destruction of an inferior species. It would be like if a group of humans dedicated their existence to making the lives of squirrels across the planet miserable. I can't think of anything more pathetic.

Perhaps the Truth is man possesses something these abusive creatures do not...

October 17th 2022

Monolithic Maneuvers

This is where monolithic maneuvers fail. It starts to get expensive when attempting to run a total corrupt criminal enterprise masquerading as legitimate government. The inertia and gravity eventually becomes so great to support the corruption that the entire mass will eventually collapse in upon itself. This is how nature rolls. This can never be sustained for an indefinite period of time, no matter how much any evil perpetrator BELIEVES it will. The more corrupt, vicious, destructive, and harmful you are, the more detached from reality you get. You can not exist in this state of human consciousness without being completely immersed in unrecoverable denial, thinking you are invulnerable to the consequences of nature and reality. YOU ARE NOT. To exist in this state, you must be SO detached and engrossed in your own ego and delusions of grandeur that your very perception of reality is a complete distortion and dissociation from anything and everything real. An extreme state of abject detachment. A state of human consciousness that has only successfully deceived ITSELF in the inevitable conclusion of complete self destruction and hopeless prospects of any kind of healthy recovery. In this state, you eventually become so doomed there is no logical conclusion to your existence other than consummate damnation, self destruction, and death. You are a lost cause, a blip on the radar that essentially passes unnoticed. Discarded by the greater context of the resounding symphonic creative expression of eternity. An invalid note that passes, instantly forgotten in the glorious symphony that is the manifestation of the living composition of existence.

Dissonance is Sounding...

October 17th 2022

Sun Spots

Can sun spot activity be somehow connected to human consciousness? Can the collective consciousness of the human species affect the planet and the sun? Are the constant cyclical resets we see throughout history a result of the constant repetitive slipping of collective human consciousness towards degradation and failure? Could there be a natural symbiotic relationship we have with the planet and our sun? Could sun spots, sun storms, and subsequently earth storms be in some way connected to the collective state of human consciousness on the planet? I mean has anyone even contemplated this as a possibility? No matter how remote? Are the earth and the sun living organisms that are at this point fed up with the lies and deception that keep triggering resets of earth and the solar system over and over and over again? Are these massive organisms ready to move on with THEIR next phase of natural evolutionary development with or without us? What would happen if more and more humans on the planet collectively started to cleanse their individual karma, filter out the poisons of their consciousness footprint wthin the field? Allow themselves to naturally evolve with the earth and the sun who are no longer going to wait around for us to get our act together. Either we choose to go or we are left behind. Are we really detached from each other and the natural world around us? Or is existence a symphonic field of varying densities of energy in which we are ALL intrinsically part of? How separate are we REALLY? Like it or not, everything we do affects the field in some way. It is up to us to choose with our own free will how we contribute to this field of energy which is the greater reality we call existence.

Something worth considering...

October 17th 2022

Individual Sovereignty

Individual Sovereignty is the ONLY way out. We can no longer coalesce into groups. Groups produce leaders, leaders get compromised, compromised leaders become puppets that destroy society - wash, rinse, repeat. This archaic hierarchical structure is part of the previous age and an ancient empire which no longer serves us. Every single enemy of freedom operates by co-opting groups of any and every kind. The new strategy necessary to liberate the future is to work independently as a single cell outside the purview of groups, leadership, and most importantly MONEY. The command and control of planet earth is very simple - control the money, use it to control the leadership (influencer), which in turn controls the group (audience), which then dictates policy (belief) for which greater society will then adopt. If more and more people start to operate individually as a single cell seeking Truth and their own pursuit of peaceful prosperity and Freedom (which is the REAL human nature), only then will it erode the grip of tyranny the depraved "world elite" have on the species. In reality, it all boils down to a single human. Is Henry Kissinger REALLY a threat to anyone by himself? Of course not, but give the man money, he can then co-opt leadership, gain proxy control of the group (nation), thus controlling the direction and engineering of society on a global scale, yielding an ENORMOUS amount of power. This war is asymmetrical. To defend Freedom and move towards the planetary liberation of human society, we MUST start working as individuals. No more chain of obedience in military, government, and corporate, structural artifices divorced from reality. Live as free and sovereign individuals and you will BE Free and Sovereign Individuals. It's as simple as that. There is nothing more threatening to the orchestrators of human misery than the destruction of this ancient illusion of command and control. The usurpation of power comes from the individual, through deception, unwittingly forfeiting their God given birth right of individual sovereignty into the hands of depraved, malevolent, sociopaths, who under false authority, know nothing OTHER than how to be a tool to inflict harm on this beautiful and abundant planet God has literally gifted to us ALL. Earth is a gift, life is a gift, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the opportunity to exist, create, invent, explore, expand, experience, are all wonderful eternal gifts we ALL need to be thankful for every single day of our lives. How much time do you think these lawless, maniacal, and destructive "leaders", "advisers", and "financiers" of the non-human installed legacy structure called civilization spend being thankful for ANYTHING?

Pernicious, Perfidious, Poisonous Serpents; Slither, Sting, and Sacrifice...

October 16th 2022


The best option to date for a quick, easy, covert, (and more important) CHEAP way to distrupt or cancel the November 8th 2022 election is via a staged cyber attack by Russian hackers. All the software necessary to forge the digital footprints of a cyber attack and blame Russia is already in place as exposed years ago by WikiLeaks Vault 7 release.

Like Stealing Ice Cream from a Baby...

October 13th 2022

Marco Polo

Most of you I'm sure are familiar with the children's game Marco Polo. It is a game in which one player is blind and the other players can see. They taunt the blind player into trying to catch them and as he calls out "Marco", they respond "Polo". The blind player flails his arms around the pool trying to catch any of the players based on where the last response came from. When the blind player reaches the location of the last call the other players have already moved to another position all while laughing and taunting him. We are in a live action game of Marco Polo and the laughing and taunting is occurring in the media out in the open for ALL to see if you know what to look for.

Hunter Biden's 'Sugar Brother' Attorney

Today, it was reported that Hunter Biden's 'Sugar Brother' attorney (who apparently wrote a book with a dog on the cover called "White Man's Problems") sent some threatening texts to an anonymous individual investigating the laptop. Isn't it interesting that the phrase "sugar brother" (urban dictionary citing Brandon) was used to describe his purported attorney Kevin Morris? Who apparently called out the "right wing transparency group" Marco Polo. The article essentially drawing attention to an otherwise unheard-of group.

The Secret Intelligence War

Reading the texts towards the end of the exchange quoted in the article there is a curios meme of this group Marco Polo superimposed as the NRO logo. NRO stands for National Reconnaissance Office which is part of the DOD which designs, builds, launches, and operates reconnaissance satellites and provides this intelligence (SIGINT) to the NSA among other agencies. Are intelligence agencies playing a game of Marco Polo with Hunter Biden? Is Hunter in hiding under a CIA protected identity? Is that why Trump keeps asking "Where's Hunter?".

Hunter Biden's 'Real Brother' Attorney

Hunter Biden's older brother Beau Biden was the 44th Attorney General of Delaware. It just so happens that Beau Biden prosecuted one of the worst pedophiles in American history. Isn't THAT interesting, a Biden prosecuting a pedophile just a few years before his untimely death? The name of the pedophile was Earl Bradley who was a former pediatrician from Lewes, Delaware. No doubt a real pedophile but was the perp photograph used in the news REALLY that of Earl Bradley or perhaps might it have been covertly switched to Kevin Morris in this judge only no jury trial? Kevin Morris was/is an American lawyer, producer, and writer who today is apparently representing Hunter Biden. If you needed an identity to steal maybe this was a way to do it. Send Morris to jail as Bradley and then name steal his identity. Could the real Kevin Morris, being a Hollywood guy in clown world have been used as the pedo convicted by Beau Biden under the name of Earl Bradley? They protected or killed the real pedo who Beau was trying to take down, who was from of all places - Delaware - Joe Biden's home state. Morris who may have been guilty of something nasty was sent to prison instead. Beau Biden was clearly after something and perhaps trying to expose through discovery of the trial a much bigger network but was interdicted by the intelligence agencies. Beau Biden later died of brain cancer. He was 46 years old. Perhaps this sort of stuff is modus operandi where you reserve a fail safe backup identity for key players who you may one day need to protect. They felt Hunter, if necessary, could pass for this guy Morris if they needed to swap out his identity. Today, in the defence of Hunter Biden, the deep state needed an identity they can use to move Hunter into should he get convicted or perhaps unexpectedly "OD". His "sugar brother" and doppelganger. To date, I have not found any pictures of Hunter and Morris together. Reading the text message exchanges in the article you can't help but think this guy Morris no doubt talks JUST LIKE the low-life Hunter Biden himself.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Are we witnessing first hand the COMMS sent to opposing groups (NRO and CIA) in this asymmetrical 5th generation information war being waged right in front of our eyes? If there is any doubt as to what I am asserting here move on to the next article today in the It just so happens to be about Beau Biden. Just a coincidence? Of course not. It is however, difficult to definitively verify if this individual Morris is absolutely positively Hunter Biden after letting his hair and eyebrows grow out. There are many similarities but enough to maintain some reasonable doubt. That's how they roll. It's called tradecraft. Whether any of this is true or not is not the most important aspect of this analysis, what is important is that this level of subterfuge is no doubt in play today by intelligence agencies on BOTH sides. There is an endless stream of shenanigans being perpetuated by replacements who are deeply engaged in the sick game we call politics.

I think Hunter and The Big Guy were running deals for creatures much deeper in the swamp

October 10th 2022

Mind Virus

The human species is infected with an external mind virus. The state of human society worldwide is one of a very deep and disturbing sickness. Is the death, destruction, and carnage caused by humans to themselves and the planet they live on a result of "human nature"? Is it perfectly natural to "evolve" into a species bent on the destruction of itself and its environment? Or is it instead possible humans are mind controlled en masse by some external force?

Insect Mind Control

This Wasp Mind-Controls Spiders Into Building It Cozy Webs

...parasitoid wasp mind-controls spiders into building a special web to protect it...before the wasp kills the spider by sucking out its insides


This is an example demonstrated in nature exclusively by insects to mind control another species for it's own benefit. Apparently how this is done is "still a mystery". If you step back and look at human history, the death and destruction embraced by humans against each other on this beautiful and abundant planet does not display the evolution of a naturally developing species. Instead of living peacefully and abundantly, humans always seem to gravitate towards engaging in a strange obsession that manifests into bizarre extremely divisive self destructive behavior. This self destructive behavior seems to always set us back impeding our progress and development as a species. For example to use technological development as case in point, in 200 years humans went from horse and buggy to launching spacecraft into the low earth orbit of our atmosphere. That is a VERY short time. Despite two world wars and countless other conflicts in between. We can also look at the strange repetitive cycles of history and how we as a species seem to keep repeating the same self destructive obsessive compulsive behavior over and over and over again.

History Repeating Itself

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

—George Santyana

Why is it we don't learn from history? What compels us towards self destructive compulsions like war, death, and devastation? It's like we continuously pursue some unexplained death wish. This is always dismissed as "human nature" - we are primitive, unintelligent, stupid, spiritually unevolved, et al. Is that REALLY what is going on here? We can develop technology at a breathtaking pace but are not evolved enough to know that most of this technology always ends up being turned against us and used as a way to destroy ourselves? Are we REALLY this stupid or is there some external influence at play here?

Ancient Mind Control

It would appear that if you were an advanced race who inhabit earth, do not want to allow your presence to be known, want to use the surface population to cover your existence from any advanced outside external visitors, want to keep the unwitting surface population stuck in a perpetual loop continually resetting itself back to a more primitive state so they can never pose a threat to you, how would you do it? What if you were advanced enough to leverage this natural phenomena exhibited by the wasp which inserts a parasite into the mind of a spider to control it? To get the spider to build for it, protect it, and then become food for it. What if you were advanced enough to develop technology to employ this natural phenomena on a global scale? Perhaps digital parasites called Archons that are program algorithms inserted during trauma into the non-local human consciousness stream? Wouldn't this provide you with remote control access to most of the surface population as long as trauma is perpetuated? Wouldn't this allow you to control them by having them control themselves? Wouldn't this allow you to wipe them out when there are too many of them by having them wipe themselves out? Perhaps reset their civilization in timed intervals, every 138 years, 6 thousand years, and 12 thousand years? Installing in their society a hierarchical system of top down control with weak minded leadership being the most easily susceptible to mind control via pre installed traps set in the architecture of the society itself? This would facilitate an easily managed herd roaming above on the surface of your cosmic criminal hideout deep below. Those who know nothing, have developed nothing, have produced nothing, are selfish, stupid, and petulant and involved in ritual trauma, are prime candidates selected as the ruling class, who align themselves with their malevolent controllers below on this remotely managed planetary animal farm.

Free Your Mind and Mock Your Captors

October 6th 2022

Unidentified American Tourist Denied Audience with Pope Destroys Art in Vatican Museum

An American tourist has been arrested for smashing up two ancient Roman sculptures after being told he couldn’t see Pope Francis at the Vatican. The man, who hasn’t been named, is in his 50s, went on a rampage...


Well, well, well, it looks like an unidentified American went to visit the Pope, was denied access, and became furious and demolished some statues. Temper, temper children. I wonder who it was...

Vatican Bank Ukraine Money Laundering

If you recall, back in August I suggested that the majority of the $60 Billion in foreign aid sent to Ukraine was intended to be used as a slush fund to ensure the next election is either canceled via a "nuke" false flag "event" and or stolen - yet again. This Vatican laundered money is the crucible for running criminal covert black operations against the American people. If the slush fund is inaccessible, everything will fail and THAT will be an existential threat to the Deep State. A blow they may never recover from.

Where's MY Cut?

Remember when Pelosi, McConnell, et al. made their pilgrimage to visit Zelensky in Kyiv? They all lined up making deals as to what percentage of the cut of American tax payer "foreign aid" they will get. So it now appears someone was dispatched to Italy to find out why that money was not yet moved from the Vatican Bank into anonymous Swiss bank accounts. Remember September 30th was the official deadline when all funds were to be deposited into the Vatican Bank for laundering. Can you imagine the fury of someone who is now denied their cut of $60 Billion? They have NO access to ANY of the funds. When the entire future of an illegitimate political power is predicated on money disguised as foreign aid that then goes missing. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to run an illegitimate criminal government? Do you realize what will happen if they lose their grip on power while the US government is potentially returning to the Rule of Law under an advancing army of MAGA patriot outsiders amassing outside the gates of DC?

Will the FBI and CIA now raid the Vatican?

October 4th 2022

Human Proxy War

My best take as of right now is that humans are being used to fight a proxy war between the regressive type-2 civilization buried deep below (who apparently can't be exposed to sunlight for very long) and friendlies above who control the atmosphere and beyond.

Regressives Below

The regressives below have full dominion over earth. They control the majority of the surface population and the mechanics of human society, especially human institutions. Humans are the unwitting subjects of an ancient and highly advanced influence/exploitation campaign. Since we were genetically engineered by these progenitors, the source of the engineering was the existing natural hominids that were present back when earth was originally colonized and turned into a military outpost. They have installed a self running system that through the sustained ancient chain of abuse, violence and trauma, infects human consciousness like a parasitic virus. This infection compromises individual identity and sovereignty. The infected become minions that implement via proxy, this war on nature and humanity. The surface population is cover and hostage to the "spell" cast from "below". We are their protection.

A Negotiated Truce

Through a negotiated truce, individual sovereignty and freedom can be claimed by those who persevere and with their own free will choose to extricate themselves from this mind prison of illusion and deception. Literally asking for help from above will provide over time the personal assistance necessary for liberation. Look, these militant regressives in hiding have a multitude of proven techniques to exploit the monkey/animal part of our flesh containers and through this exploitation there is very little hands on management necessary. The inmates on the surface run the prison themselves. The violence and evil is considered a design flaw that can be easily hacked/exploited by those below who can claim innocence as they have honored their truce agreement. If the surface population choose by their own free will to allow themselves to be influenced, cause harm, and dominate each other while pursuing death and destruction, then so be it...

This is the state we find ourselves in today

October 1st 2022

Squeal Like a Pig

Make no mistake, Hurricane Ian was a direct attack on Ron DeSantis and the Free People of Florida. The weather has been weaponized and is the perfect instrument of plausible deniability. Don't believe me? Take the time to read Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025. DeSantis is being taught a lesson from the deep state criminal thugs in DC - DON'T FUCK WITH US! He is learning the hard way. They also have dirt on him they are using as leverage. They have him bent over a table and he is squealing like a cut pig. He is now cooperating with the illegitimate criminal thugs in DC like a good little boy. Isn't it curious how DC is always spared from any kind of "natural" catastrophe? There is an advanced ancient intelligence embedded deep inside the earth that protects this putrid fortification of denial, decay, and duplicity.

Governors Can Declare War

Since hurricane Ian was flown right over Mike Flynn's home in Englewood FL, he too was sent a message - BACK OFF! We are dealing with depraved, mafia, losers here. It is time to start hitting back. It wont be hard to take down these weak and illegitimate purveyors of death and destruction. It is just a matter of embracing the resolve to do so. What happened in Florida is a shot sent across the bow to the rest of Free America who resist this ubiquitous tyranny. This level of corruption knows no bounds. Their arrogance is a sign of systemic and profound impotence. They are smug because they trust their god beneath us can't lose.

The Chain of Obedience

I'm not sure how any American anywhere can acquiesce to the blatant attack and destruction of their own countrymen. This operation had to be green lit by the executive branch and pentagon. Who would obey such orders? Using military tech to amplify and steer a storm towards their own brothers and sisters? Fathers and mothers? Sons and daughters? It is time for patriots within the military to start running interference and counterintelligence within the ranks. Make a stand and honor your oath. I mean who could take orders from the most depraved, weak, criminal, and illegitimate actors among us?

These people are sick and Freedom is the cure